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article imageU.S. protesters use their bodies to block transport of immigrants

By Walter McDaniel     Jul 2, 2014 in World
Murrieta - Around 150 protesters blocked an access road for three buses that were carrying immigrants to a processing center for deportation. The buses had to turn around and find another route to take.
Around 140 people from Mexico had been rounded up and were facing deportation for not having legal immigration papers. Border Patrol officers got an unexpected and unwelcome surprise when they rolled their transports towards processing centers in California. A mass of protesters were blocking the roads in an act of civil disobedience, reported by Reuters.
The reason that this situation stands out is that nearby officers told the crowd to disperse but did nothing to remove them. This meant that the transports had no way through and had to change their plans. In many other protest situations there were several arrests.
Both sides of the debate have protesters asking for a clear stance on immigration. At a recent protest many "illegal" immigrants were arrested according to a report by the Washington Times. Those against immigration have proposed plans to strengthen the already significant borders between Mexico and the U.S. Neither side has received significant action from the government so far.
Deportation has traditionally been difficult for officials because many families come over to the U.S. to have a child. This "Anchor Baby" as some put it is by all rights a legal citizen. At the same time the parents are illegal and could be deported. Taking the parents away isn't a good option and neither is deporting a new citizen. We still have not found a particularly good solution to this problem.
The debate may be somewhat pointless because even President Barack Obama has supported the idea of amnesty for all immigrants and has already created a plan for children. Implementing many of his plans will take several years at minimum. This issue still remains extremely divisive for many Americans.
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