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article imageOp-Ed: Yes, Boomers are extremely worried about future generations

By Paul Wallis     Aug 31, 2020 in World
Sydney - The “OK Boomer” nano-babble has a lot to answer for; not least is misreading the past and overlooking the fact that the future generations are the grandkids of Boomers who are worried sick about them. There’s a huge hole in the future for these kids
It’s not at all hard to see the huge problems if realities aren’t addressed, and those realities aren’t being addressed at all. This is far more of a subject for discussion, and worry, than mainstream media seems to comprehend. The younger generations are facing a virtual obstacle course, unlike previous generations. Now, someone has finally noticed that Boomers are genuinely worried about the future of their kids.
What life are these kids supposed to have? Answer the question, clowns.
All the middle-class basics are now being made very hard to achieve for the younger generations from the Millennials onwards:
• Careers and even basic jobs may not be anything vaguely like the Nuclear Family era.
• Future baseline employment may be remote, under contract and or casual part-time work.
• Skills training is a slopfest, making essential skills like coding, etc. expensive and loaded with financial disincentives in tough times.
• College degrees are ridiculously overpriced. If it cost so little to get degrees without digital tech, why does it cost so much more now? Who the hell believes that for a second? Why the hell run up a huge debt when previous generations didn’t have to? Education, like so many other sectors, is now no more than a moneygrubbing racket for insiders.
• Education is also severely overweighted to old career models. The younger generations may never have 20 years of solid employment, or anything like it. With that, they’re supposed to get a mortgage and raise a family? Go to hell. They can’t possibly do it, and anyone with any basic comprehension knows they can’t.
• All gender and ethnic issues are being severely mismanaged, making life even tougher for those affected.
…And then there’s health…
Even allowing for larger populations working the stats, the younger generations seem to be having a hard time with health. Pseudo-food, a highly polluted extremely toxic environment, and some nasty drugs like meth and opioids aren’t making life any safer.
Big Pharma and Big Health aren’t helping. The endless gouging for meds and treatments is beyond the means of the Millennials, let alone those who come after them. This also pulls a lot of money out of the economy into one sector at the expense of all the others. It’s like a Goldman Sachs evaluation of whether it’s better for people to stay sick to maximize profits. (They actually said that in so many words, publicly, a while back.)
Mental health is a very big issue compared to previous generations. This isn’t so much a medical mystery as a symptom of the environment in which these kids grow up. “Adults” seem to be sending lousy messages, too, in a workplace/social environment where being a psychopath/sociopath is now considered perfectly normal. How are these kids supposed to “respect” that? It’s a horrible, confusing message to send younger generations, and it’s pretty obvious they don’t appreciate it. As role models, these gibbering geriatric gargoyles are worse than useless, as well as out of touch and out of date.
Global health, too.
This is a very different world from the 1950s and 1960s. Boomers weren’t raised in a global sewer run by nuts. After the war, expectations were very high, and expected to be met, not merely talked about. We just had World War 3 to worry about, not total destruction of our own societies, democracies, living environments, and ways of earning a living by politicians dodging basic common sense laws. (Regulation always works. Deregulation never works and dictatorships, actual or by other means, always screw things up. That simple.)
The first question is “Why is this insanity happening at all?”
This is a global atrocity. Anyone who knows the basics knows it is. There is no possible good reason for younger generations to be hopelessly unable to have decent lives:
• The deranged theory that $7.50 - $15 an hour somehow leads to a Home Beautiful lifestyle doesn’t stand up at all.
• How people on that sort of money are supposed to get ludicrously overpriced qualifications has never been addressed.
• How people are supposed to live their whole lives barely able to afford medical care isn’t exactly a front and center topic for discussion, either.
So we have a “society” (Since when?) where the vast majority of younger generations are effectively excluded from any real opportunities. They could be easily called the Homeless Generations, because their chances of being homeless are better than any generations before them.
Meanwhile, back in that very unfashionable place called reality
A few basic facts:
• Demand for skills is exploding, particularly in the sciences and higher-end sectors where the skills are so hard to get.
• Modern societies, even this clapped-out farce of an obscenity, can’t run with no skills.
• Economies and societies don’t work if nobody ever has any money. That is now a real possibility for the younger generations.
• A society of renters cannot be, and is not, as productive as a society with its own capital. That's where billions of kids will be, and many are already. Incompetence barely describes this situation.
• A toxic wasteland is not a good place to raise kids. Not if you want them to live, anyway.
What’s being done about it? Guess.
The short answer to this question is “Absolutely nothing.” Not the ghost of an effort has been made to get the younger generations on safe ground for the future. Politics obstructs EVERY possible avenue of getting things done.
I could go on for weeks on this subject. To spare readers that horrible experience, I’ll stick to one basic expression to describe the needs of the situation: FIX IT NOW. If you need to ask why, you’re unfit to be described as a human being.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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