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article imageOp-Ed: What if the pandemic lasts until 2050? It might. Just be stupid.

By Paul Wallis     Jul 1, 2020 in World
Sydney - If there’s one thing that sabotages humanity on a routine basis, it’s disorganization and mismanagement. This pandemic is the alpha pig, historically, for both.
Given the total lack of control exhibited by major nations to date, the pandemic could be here to stay. Competence and politics are a lousy mix, and that’s what’s doing the damage.
US infections are now double what they were around the end of May 2020. Much verbosity, and a total lack of focus on actual results, have done the damage. There are no indications this cuckoo-land approach has achieved anything except to produce tonnages of irrelevant pabulum and no major successes.
The Johns Hopkins figures are telling a hideous story of a resurgent pandemic, now dwarfing the original outbreak numbers. That’s despite the fact that original reporting in the US was severely handicapped by lack of testing capacity. It took about 2 months to get testing operational. If it was bad in April, it’s a lot worse now.
We then had the “president” of the United States say that if people didn’t test so much, there would be fewer cases of infection. The sheer rampaging imbecility of this statement doesn’t need explanations. Ingesting disinfectant was another brainwave from this invaluable source of disinformation. This is the same buffoon who was saying it was a “hoax” a few months ago. Is it any wonder nobody can trust a word coming out of the US?
(Well, that was horrific. The Johns Hopkins numbers for the US updated while I was writing, and sure enough, yet another near all-time high daily number was charted. 45.2k reported infections on July 1, 2020.)
Realism? Is that even a word anymore? How real are 128,028 deaths, would you say? By November, the death toll could be around 215,000. Real enough?
In the UK, which has the worst cases to deaths ratio in the English speaking world, utter babble is the only show in town. The UK has actually flattened the curve, to a point, and it’s officially well below the murderous levels of May, for example. The problem is that nobody believes the official figures due to the reporting obstacle course. You actually have to qualify as a reportable case of death in the United Kingdom, for god alone knows what senile reason.
Things are so dysfunctional in the UK that most people believe the actual numbers to be much higher. Boris the Blunderer and his Merry Morons don’t seem to think credibility is a problem, either.
43,991 deaths at the less-than-stellar official reporting level don’t say much for any level of management so far by this alleged government. It’s highly unlikely that anyone expects better, another indicator of systemic failure. When you can’t even believe your own lies, things are tough.
Other countries, with very few exceptions, are doing the same thing. The pandemic is clearly out of control, underreported, and spreading faster than ever. Even on the lowest numbers that anyone can bear to publish, it’s bad and getting worse.
Meanwhile - Who knows what the real situations are in India, Brazil, and the Russian Federation? How about Africa? What’s the real story in China? The virus has made itself at home, worldwide, and even the minimal amount of information is highly suspect. It’s not a great look, is it?
2050? You can’t afford to think about 2050
This pandemic doesn’t just kill people. It also destroys social and economic cohesion. Survivors are sometimes in a pretty bad way, and so are their communities. The personal damage is bad enough. Imagine life on a ventilator, PTSD, etc. Now imagine a trashed world when you come out of hospital.
That’s the working scenario for the immediate future, and beyond, unless someone gets their butts in gear, fast. Pandemics don’t “go away” in a hurry. They like to hang around for a while. The last viral pandemic, influenza, has stuck around in recurring forms since it started. Still kills a lot of people, too.
This one, however, is showing a whole range of other issues. Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome, for example, affects young kids. The age range of people infected is also getting blurry, with more young people getting it. This thing has just started, and it’s anyone’s guess what else might emerge.
Given the unspeakable total lack of competence in basic global management, the pandemic can go on for as long as it likes. 2050 is only 30 years away. You think these guys can grow brains in that very short time span? That’s exactly why it can easily go on for another generation or so.
Add to this a few other pointers:
• Suddenly nobody’s talking about a vaccine much. The obvious fix is no longer a topic? Hm, you say? You’re right.
UVC, a simple fix for irradiating pathogens, has been largely ignored. This is the equivalent of making ordinary fluorescent lights, for god’s sake, and it’s too hard?
The pharmaceutical industry, that happy-go-lucky useless global parasite, hasn’t publicly said a damn thing anyone could be bothered reporting. Nothing at headline level about the pandemic since it started.
Reopening the graveyard, you geniuses, you?
Great way to encourage reopening, morons. Sure, everybody wants to go broke by taking on the cost of reopening and then having to shut down again. Everyone wants a month of work followed by nothing again.
The global economy has a great chance of being totally trashed right now. There may be nothing to reopen, if that happens. China and the US, in particular, could be in very serious trouble almost immediately. If global trade collapses, it’s a massive hit to the world’s two biggest economies. …And these two Mensa escapees can’t even be bothered talking to each other. Don’t expect brilliance anytime soon, folks.
Having proven that you have no idea how to manage the crisis, you’re leading the way to another disaster. The only people who can be sure of good business in the future are the morticians. …And the world has you to thank. Wanna be famous? That’s what you’re going to be famous for, and you deserve it.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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