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article imageWar? Iran fires missiles at US airbase in Iraq

By Paul Wallis     Jan 7, 2020 in World
Bagdad - In what seems to be a direct reply to threats by Trump, Iran has fired a number of missiles at a US base in Al-Asad, Iraq. Information at this point is sketchy, but Iran has stated it fired “tens” of missiles at the airbase.
The incident is already blurry. CNN says Iran fired at least 10 missiles. US officials say multiple attacks were launched, according to Reuters. There’s no information about casualties or of any US response to the attacks.
Iraq is also currently demanding that US troops leave Iraq. The Iranian attack may well be based on the fact that the US troops aren’t welcome. Iraq could respond to an attack on its territory, in theory, but there’s no report of any Iraqi actions regarding the missile attacks at this point. Al-Asad is technically an Iraqi airbase.
There is no mention of which other sites were attacked. The news was received only half an hour ago, so there’s been no time to fully evaluate the attacks. Trump has stated that the US will retaliate against any Iranian strikes, but no further information has come from the White House or government sources at this time.
The rapid escalation of the US/Iran standoff after the killing of a senior Iraqi general is indicative of the already high tensions in the region prior to these attacks. The missile attacks raise the stakes much higher, with a regional war a definite possibility. A US military response could be a trigger for a major confrontation, with Iraq no longer a factor in the conflict.
Update: The Pentagon has confirmed the strikes but no information regarding damage or casualties is yet available.
Update: Iran has stated that the Revolutionary Guards revenge has begun. Erbil has been identified by the Pentagon as another of the bases attacked.
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