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article imageOp-Ed: U.S. credibility zero when lecturing on invading Ukraine

By Ralph Lopez     Mar 17, 2014 in World
No one can possibly have missed it. Even hardcore Neocons must recognize the irony of the U.S. outrage at Vladimir Putin for sending troops into Crimea. Hey you can't invade a country unprovoked! Only we can do that! Do as I say, not as I do!
Immediately after the invasion of Iraq, a number of commentators talking mostly to themselves as everyone else waved flags and cheered, used strange, wimpy words like "credibility" and "moral standing."
Some said that the true cost of the Iraq invasion would become apparent not a year from then, as the bills and coffins rolled in, or five years hence, but farther down the line. In terms which were intangible at that time, but which would be reckoned with far in the future.
This is what these naysayers who weren't on the winning team, to use the kind of sports analogy Americans love, meant. Now, no one in the world cares what the US thinks about anyone invading anybody.
Every time Secretary of State John Kerry opens his mouth and lectures Putin on the importance of respecting state sovereignty and national borders, the angel of a dead Iraqi child somewhere must choke on his heavenly lunch.
Does this man have no shame?
Which is probably exactly why U.S. President Barack Obama deployed him to utter these statements about "respect for sovereignty," so that he wouldn't have to himself. Kerry is like the lawyer in the joke lawyers like to tell about rats. Did you hear the scientists are using lawyers for certain experiments? Why? Because there are some things that a rat just won't do.
You mean after what former President George W. Bush did, I've got to lecture Putin on invading countries? Un uh, thinks Obama. I'm giving that one to Kerry. He'll do anything.
Nevermind even that Ukraine is not halfway around the world from Russia, the way Iraq was to us, but across the border and arguably intertwined with Russian national interest. Nevermind that it was the U.S., as admitted to recently by Kerry's Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, which funneled $5 billion into the Ukraine to foster "democracy," only to watch the "revolution" predictably hijacked by a strong and growing Neo-Nazi movement, led by Right Sektor and Svoboda.
Imagine if Russia were sending billions to narco bosses to overthrow the Mexican government, and putting in its place a government friendly to Russia, which would allow it to place its missiles across the Texas border. Yes, honest protesters against Mexican corruption were in the streets, but they have been pushed aside, and now the pro-Russian narcos are running the show.
Oleh Tyahnybok  leader of Neo-Nazi Svoboda
Oleh Tyahnybok, leader of Neo-Nazi Svoboda
File photo
Svoboda in western Ukrainian city of Lviv wearing uniforms of the former Ukrainian Insurgent Army
Svoboda in western Ukrainian city of Lviv wearing uniforms of the former Ukrainian Insurgent Army
This is pretty much an accurate analogy for what has happened in Ukraine. Now it emerges that the shooters who sparked outrage which led to the ousting of the former Ukrainian president may have been working for the Neo-Nazis, who understand the value of inflaming a situation, so that the most organized and ruthless can walk in and take control. The Neo-Nazi parties in Ukraine now control numerous government departments, including the defense ministry. With 37 seats in the Ukrainian Parliament, the Neo-Nazis were the big winners in Washington's attempt to "foster democracy."
The world watches as Kerry, Obama, and the American media play the "how dare they!" card against Putin and Russia, and the losers are us. Every well-meaning American who may even disagree with U.S. policy now, must bear the weight of what is going on in the mind of the average Frenchman or Nigerian or Brazilian, as they put us in the same category as the John Kerry's of the world, who, after all, like it or not, speaks for us.
Alas, have these Americans no shame? To lecture over invading countries. Imagine. Now who gives a damn about anything they say, ever?
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