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article imageOp-Ed: US anti-science, anti-public health, this is what you get

By Paul Wallis     Apr 29, 2020 in World
Washington - Truly hideous predictions of a 35% crash in the US economy leave a taste. After decades of insane public health policies, mediocre meds, and rabid pricing, health systems are a mess. Now the people who created the mess will fix it?
The predictions are for something as bad or worse than the GFC and the Great Depression. Nobody’s too sure what happens when America implodes, for some reason. They’re about to find out. (No, this isn't going to make you great again, either, idiots.)
What people are noticing is that if Main Street gets sick, it’s not good for them. Apparently, people need to be alive to buy things. This sparkling insight could have happened a long time ago, say 2008, but apparently it needs two train wrecks to make it interesting enough to worry about.
The current rate of downturn is about 30%, roughly Great Depression level, and expected to get a bit worse. Predictions are for a 15% unemployment rate. That, of itself, is a major disaster for the US economy, reducing consumption and putting businesses of all kinds under stress.
The good news, such as it is, is that the Federal Reserve is doing a lot to pump money into the economy. If they weren’t, it’d be 1929 right now.
(To explain to dear little brain-dead orange psychopaths and their equally disgusting genomes – Money in the real economy has to come from somewhere. That’s what all those two-legged things are there for. If the hard cash from Main Street crashes, everything crashes.)
It’s all about money – Or not…
US corporate culture is likely to be an obstacle to any sort of recovery. A few examples of the depth of thought in play:
Goldman Sachs, who famously refer to their investor clients as Muppets and think curing people is bad for the health sector, have condescended to express caution about the stock market. This is how the financial sector sees the world. Nothing matters but their wonderful numbers. It’s a largely fictional world, based on anything but real economy issues. This is also the mentality trying to manage the pandemic.
Elon Musk, whose mouth is rarely his best friend, wants a fast reopening to “free” America. So a few more tens of thousands of people die, so what? The super-rich need those few extra bucks to make them feel wanted, remember. Otherwise, they might get all sulky.
Jared Kushner, the chronically unelected saviour of something unspecified, is all over the news helping with the management of the pandemic. He says the US could reopen in June. Sure, it could. It could also cause a massive surge in infections which could lockdown the country for years if it does. Just read the trail of breadcrumbs for Kushner’s input.
Graphic overview of the Great Depression that began with stock market crashes in the United States i...
Graphic overview of the Great Depression that began with stock market crashes in the United States in 1929 and ended in 1941
This is what being anti-science and anti-public health gets you
The United States is the most severely infected country on Earth. A million people – Far more than any other country recorded – are infected. 60,000 are dead, and there will be more.
For many years, political interests have been totally anti-science. That’s created a massive gap in credibility for the US allowing the best tech in the world to rot while China overtakes it in so many fields. Whether these political interests have the slightest idea what technology can do is debatable. I for one don’t believe they can spell it, let alone understand it.
Public health policies in the US are basically genocidal, and that’s putting it far too politely. Extreme costs for sick people, appalling debt collection practices, miserable working conditions for staff, high stress around the clock, and no money for materials and staff is hardly a glowing testimony to the competence of public health management. It’s getting worse, not better.
The horribly trashed US public health system is in no shape to handle a new tide of infections. That it’s done so well so far is almost miraculous. In this environment, any sort of sanity will help.
The question is whether America’s utterly gruesome crop of pig-ignorant, spoiled, petty-minded plutobrats can understand it, let alone manage it and fix it. It doesn’t seem likely, particularly in an election year when the US is traditionally at its least sane.
Decades of neglect of basic public health needs have left America extremely vulnerable. Allowing costs to rise so much has made the health sector a potentially deadly liability to asset holders, credit markets, and practically everyone in the country. All those billions of overstuffed valuations will be totally worthless if the economy crashes. Debts will rain down on borrowers, lenders, banks, and big investment firms. Even the usually agile hedge funds will find it hard to dig themselves out, if asset values go nuts either way, up or down.
America’s encounter with the pandemic looks much too karmic. It’s like the Goths have crossed the Roman border. This could be a monster, existential crash of truly Biblical proportions, and no amount of political evangelism will change a damn thing. Even the political trolls will be out of work.
The future of the United States is quite literally on the line. Can a few boorish, incredibly tedious, selfish, vulgar billionaires and their equally excruciating pet sycophants manage the crisis? No, of course not. They couldn’t do much right in the good times, when under much less pressure.
Dodge the bullets, folks. This can get very ugly, very fast.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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