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article imageOp-Ed: The world should label the Muslim Brotherhood as terrorists

By Lonna Lisa Williams     Dec 30, 2013 in World
After a violent year of terrorist attacks, Egypt declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, but most of the West allows it access to government positions. The world should also label the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.
2013 was a violent year. We witnessed a dramatic increase in terrorist attacks across the globe, especially by Muslim extremists. Christians and other minority groups (including minority Muslim groups such as the Shiite or Kurds in Iraq) were targets.
Mass killings happened in Nigeria where Islamists killed students as they slept. A Christian community in Pakistan was attacked by an Islamist mob. Churches, homes, and Bibles were burned as Christians were murdered. An ancient Christian town in Syria was captured by Islamist fighters who tortured entire families to death. After Islamist President Morsi was ousted from Egypt, Islamist mobs burned over 40 churches, some of which were historical landmarks dating back almost 2000 years. Christians were beheaded, members of a Christian wedding were gunned down outside a church, nuns were paraded through the street, and entire Christian neighborhoods, including homes and businesses, were looted.
Recently, after a vicious attack on a police headquarters, Egypt declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. The Brotherhood denied its involvement in attacks across Egypt and stated that it was committed to the peaceful pursuit of Islam. Apparently, the U.S.A. believes the Muslim Brotherhood, for it has allowed its members access to top government positions and refuses to label it a dangerous Islamist organization with terrorist ties.
In fact, the United States issued a strong reaction to the news that the Muslim Brotherhood was labeled as terrorists. "We think it is essential for Egypt to have an inclusive political process; it is the best means of restoring the stability that the Egyptian people want and that is necessary to the country's economic recovery," said Jen Psaki, a spokeswoman for the U.S. State Department. "There needs to be dialogue and political participation across the political spectrum."
It's interesting to note that Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, who now faces corruption scandals and new protests, has backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria and Egypt. A plot against a Christian church in Turkey was foiled. I witnessed a Turkish rally in support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Syria. The Muslim Brotherhood is giving a bad name to peaceful Muslims like my Turkish mother-in-law who leads a pious life of prayer and help to the poor. She takes seriously the Koran's prohibition of forcing anyone to embrace Islam and holds no grudges against Jews or Christians.
Various Islamic terrorist groups claimed responsibility for the attacks I have mentioned. However, there is a clear connection between the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism, especially in Egypt. Why does the liberal media cover up the Muslim Brotherhood's true motives and methods? It's time for the Western world to take a stand against Islamist terrorism and label the Muslim Brotherhood for what it is.
Malala Yousafzai, a Muslim teenager from Pakistan who survived a gunshot wound to the head in 2012 because she spoke out for girls' educational rights, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and addressed the United Nations in 2013. She called for a stand against terrorism. How can we do less?
Islamists near Istanbul protest in support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Syria
Islamists near Istanbul protest in support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Syria
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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