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article imageOp-Ed: The anatomy of perpetual deception in a post-9/11 world

By Bill Lindner     Sep 16, 2014 in World
After all we've been through since 9/11 — after fighting a prefabricated enemy created by Washington — Americans still haven't learned a thing. Another illegal war predicated on deception will only make things worse.
Thirteen years after 9/11 — a false flag covered up by a criminal George W. Bush cabal and blamed on a U.S.-created enemy despite mountains of evidence pointing to Saudi Arabia and Israel — Washington has resorted to manufacturing fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) to conduct a fraudulent "War on Terror" and a myriad of other illegal military escapades around the globe. After starting a multitude of failing illegal wars in the Middle East on Israel's behalf, Washington is once again pushing perpetual deception to scare Americans into submission, and as usual, all the minions in the Western media are trumpeting the fear-filled fallacies without question. We've been down this road before but after all these years of blatant lies deceptions and everything we've been through Americans still haven’t learned a thing.
Americans need to remind themselves that ISIS is, for all intents and purposes, the newly rebranded al-Qaeda serving as the latest round of propaganda to fuel a "War on Terror" that has proved to be nothing less than a failed massive fraud. Fabricating yet another Middle East crisis after helping create the newest breed of terrorist since the Bush cabal's fraudulent claims of Iraqi WMDs also allows Washington to take attention away from their involvement in Israel's war crimes in Gaza and the latest failed putsch in Ukraine where Washington illegally overthrew a democratically-elected government and replaced it with a neo-Nazi fascist regime that is rapidly self-destructing. Blaming others for crimes committed by Washington is standard operating procedure. After engineering and helping perpetrate yet another false flag and shooting down a civilian jetliner killing 298 civilians failed to draw the U.S. into an illegal war with Russia, another manufactured crisis conveniently appears to deflect attention away from Washington's ever-expanding list of failed criminal accomplishments.
Washington has perfected the politics of Fear, uncertainty and doubt and utilizes them to perpetrate endless wars regardless of the fact that perpetual wars have bankrupted the U.S. financially and morally. Every time an ongoing crisis created by U.S. Imperialism hits a brick wall, it becomes necessary to create a new enemy so evil that it makes America look good again and to justify all the baseless claims for endless war — at least in the eyes of our corrupt leadership in Washington — that will show the world how truly relevant and needed the U.S. is. Just in time to save face in a failing "pivot to Asia" comes a new threat which really isn't new at all: the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which was recently rebranded as the Islamic State (IS), a group so extreme that even al-Qaeda rejected them. But conveniently omitted from all the U.S. ISIS/IS propaganda about all the evil it perpetrates is the role that Washington played in creating it.
The ISIS/IS crisis is a perfect example of how Washington perpetuates endless FUD in order to justify spending more than $7 million a day to bomb and reinvade Iraq while covertly planning to bomb Syria, which it has wanted to do for quite a while. Since 9/11 Washington has perfected the art of refining their fabricated fear machine to rid itself of Constitutional restrictions and create bogus excuses to intrude on everyone's lives while eviscerating privacy, rights and freedoms under the dubious guise of keeping us safe — usually from terrorists they created. It's impossible for any government to protect its people when said government is the one responsible for terrorizing its people. If the past 13 years have taught us anything, it’s that we need to press Washington and its minions for the truth about what is really happening and question everything they tell us. Repeating lies for political gain while ignoring the truth has done serious damage to America and the rest of the world and the last 13 years have revealed that Washington is incapable of telling the truth about virtually anything.
ISIS/IS has, according to media reports, beaten the Iraqi and Syrian militaries as well as the Kurdish Peshmerga militia and taken control of a territory larger than Great Britain, creating a "Caliphate" that now allegedly rules over at least 4 million people, controls oil fields and refineries and continues expanding. Absent from the U.S. narrative is how Washington’s newest breed of terrorist was created and which so-called U.S. allies were responsible for financing it in the beginning, as well as the fact that it came into being because of Washington's failed crimes in Iraq after George W. Bush's illegal invasion of it and the resultant destruction from a decade of debauchery committed there by U.S. Armed Forces and their special mercenaries which are still there. All the illegal U.S. endeavors in the Middle East against the Muslim World since the turn of the 21st century led to the creation of the overblown ISIS/IS threat we keep hearing about today.
Washington's Neocon War Hawks — who lost all credibility and should be in prison after the Iraq War -- keep pushing for another invasion in Iraq and now Syria to fight ISIS/IS but if Washington were really interested in defeating the new breed of terrorist they would follow the money and hold our alleged allies responsible for their roles in creating them. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait all played pivotal roles in financing ISIS/IS in the beginning, as did the U.S. Turkey and Israel also played key parts in helping establish the terrorist group to help the U.S. overthrow the Syrian regime when Washington decided it had to conduct another illegal coup to rid itself of Bashar al-Assad who kept getting in the way of Washington's Imperialist agenda. ISIS/IS was supported and trained by the U.S. and Israel in Turkey to unsuccessfully overthrow Assad. History gives us even more reasons to be leery of the perpetual war propaganda when you look at the results of Washington's many failed regime change attempts since the Second World War, particularly those over the past 13 years. Regardless of the beheading propaganda videos we need to see how this plays out before starting yet another illegal war predicated on deception.
We need to learn more about what the Islamic State is, how it came about and how much of a threat it really is before succumbing to Washington’s perpetual FUD. We have been bombarded with entirely too many bogus threats of al-Qaeda for more than a decade. Learning how to recognize Washington’s FUD about ISIS/IS will be essential to making informed decisions. We have grown too accustomed to living in a state of terror conveniently constructed for us by our government in Washington. Recognizing which threats are real as opposed to the myriad of those invented by Washington's criminal regime will go a long way towards ridding ourselves of the fabricated fear and the fraudulent follies once and for all. It has also become painfully obvious since 9/11 that Washington specializes in perpetrating false flags and manufacturing fear to scare Americans into submission, to break U.S. and International Laws, and to collude with other governments and terrorist organizations it helps create to purposely keep Americans in a perpetual state of fear while pursuing a plethora of criminal Imperialist activities for which it constantly holds itself above reproach and the law.
The suspicious rise of the U.S.-created Islamic State is being used to escalate more U.S. Military involvement in Iraq while conveniently allowing Washington to fight both sides of a war in Syria. Now that ISIS/IS has become such a “spectacular” threat to Iraq and Syria, Washington can more easily conduct a covert war in Syria under the guise of helping remove it. For Washington it’s a win-win situation, regardless of the blow back the U.S. would receive from a Syrian invasion and regardless of the fact that it is a war which can’t be won. The suspicious rise of ISIS/IS also comes at a time when Washington is losing support in Europe which has been unflinchingly supporting Washington’s criminal endeavors in the Middle East and Ukraine. There is no better example of the manifest failure of foreign interventionism than the renewed U.S. bombing in Iraq. Americans need to wake up from the fog of the lies and propaganda being used to befuddle them and start questioning everything their government does and tells them. The solution to the ISIS/IS crisis will become evident when we accept the fact that the terrorists who should terrify us the most are the ones in Washington.
If you look back at the past 13 years at all the so-called terror plots, the corporate corruption and perversion of our legal and justice systems, all the illegal actions and false flags attributable to the CIA or the U.S. Department of State, the illegal out-of-control surveillance, illegal creation of a police state and all the invasions of privacy of every American by the NSA, the chaotic legacy of the George W. Bush cabal's illegal wars and role in the 9/11 false flags, the collusion with Wall Street by our corrupt leadership in Washington responsible for a financial crisis for which there has been no accountability that continues profiting the criminals responsible for it and no one else, the failure to prepare for climate change and now the illegal activities in Ukraine, Iraq, Gaza, Libya, Yemen, South Africa and soon Syria where Washington's desired endgame is regime change, it becomes obvious that putting our trust in Washington to get us out of the crises it constantly and purposely creates would be profoundly foolish. Most of the real threats in the world involve our illicit government which is owned by corrupt corporations that continue profiting at our expense.
ISIS/IS provides Washington with a great enemy, particularly since it is fighting with weapons from the U.S. and the so-called "moderate Syrian rebels." Washington's Military-Industrial Complex and corporate cronies made a fortune arming the Iraqi Military and the ISIS/IS terrorists when they were to be used to overthrow the Syrian regime and now they will make a fortune fighting against them courtesy of U.S. taxpayers and Washington’s profound corruption. Americans still haven't learned that the country that spends on wars everywhere ends up broke, and destroying countries to save them while raping and pillaging them to steal all their resources is what created ISIS/IS to begin with. Americans are once again living through an instance of insidious propaganda in which political corruption and chicanery in a post-9/11 world still reigns supreme. Nothing will change until America learns to disregard Washington’s propaganda and realizes that for more than 13 years now they have been purposely lied to, deceived and misinformed by the government.
In cadence with his predecessor, President Obama has perpetuated violence that has killed more than a million Iraqi's already and led to more terrorism that wreaks more intense havoc in the Middle East simply for the purpose of justifying a U.S. presence in places all around the world. The world needs to de-escalate tensions in the Middle East, not continue playing games that will fuel more terror for the people of Iraq and Syria and result in more blow back for the U.S. ISIS/IS poses no threat to the U.S. regardless of the fraudulent distortions presented in the American media by alleged terrorism "experts" whose only goal is increasing the bottom line for the Defense Industry they lie for — and despite the moronic comedy relief presented by Fox "News" as an effort to scare those foolish enough to actually watch them into believing that the group is at our borders which Obama refuses to protect.. We've already paid a heavy enough price for the profound ignorance and metastatic corruption that we've had in Washington for the past 13 years and it has become impossible to believe that the fear-mongering over the so-called ISIS/IS threat is anything but deliberate. The fact is there is something extremely hypocritical and ignorant about Washington's sudden outrage at the actions of the ISIS/IS group they played a major role in creating.
America also needs to remind President Obama that despite the Bush cabal's delusional claims – which helped get us here in the first place — he does not have the authority to further expand endless war in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine or anywhere else. ISIS/IS poses no threat to the U.S. yet more Americans appear to be scared from all the propaganda being slung about by Washington. ISIS/IS will continue to grow because it provides the perfect propaganda for Israel and Washington. There are a myriad of ways to stop the bogus ISIS/IS threat without more bombing and more illegal war. What America really needs is strong political movements that are committed to prosecuting Western leaders, holding them accountable for their actions and removing them from office once and for all. Americans have become too comfortable with the fact that their government has destroyed in whole or part seven countries based on nothing but lies and deception Washington fabricated to cover up an inside job used to unleash a whole new era of illegality. Take a long hard look at what the past 13 years have done for us. Do we really want to go down this road again?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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