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article imageOp-Ed: Terrorists converted from refugees

By Joseph Boltrukiewicz     Sep 18, 2015 in Politics
For some time now we have been witnessing an unprecedented phenomenon in our everyday history. Our mass media bring to our roofs tragic scenes of people migrating from one continent to another.
As we learn from the mainstream media, the reason for this move is war, death, destruction, and lack of hope for the future. It’s not for the first time as our memory reaches back to the recent past — the refugees are at the centre of attention. Every normal human being is sorry for their fate. Desperate people with their families who lost their households as a result of war touch our hearts and souls.
People migrating from Syria, looking for their safe heaven and another chance in life for the future, are in the same situation. Images of mothers with young children needing food and shelter at a time when they are severely short of anything necessary to survive, dominate the media in these days. These people, in the first place, need attention and assistance from everywhere, there’s no question about it.
As we watch everyday images from their marches to German Eldorado, we learn of some cracks in this picture that mass media don’t really venture to mention. First of all, in numerous reports we see those in immediate need – mothers and children. But with the eye’s angle we also see huge throngs of young males of 20-30 years of age. They are well dressed, equipped with recent electronic gadgets, leaving Greek ferries relaxed and smiling as if they were coming for yet another vacation. Vacation in Germany and Austria? Yes, pretty much so, it’s a milk and honey country with social welfare incomparable in other country of western world. I would venture to say that the young males are in more than 80 percent of the crowd. Who are they? Has anybody asked this question? What’s their past? At the same time we don’t happen to see women of their age. Did the war not affect Syrian young women the way it did in men’s case? Where are they now? Has anybody asked this?
In a short insert from a program running in our magical black box we see a migrating man from Syria in his mid-30s complaining that his house and other property were destroyed and he left behind a wife with two kids. What kind of a husband or father are you that you’re leaving your family in ruins while you march alone towards the unknown? Do you seriously think about people? Your own family members? If you don’t care much of your family how will you care about others, not your family members, wherever you are? In a TV viewer’s eye, does that person deserve to be sorry for?
Now rolling a few years back to Syria and we see exactly the same crowds of young men who were opposing the Syrian government in times of opposition and struggle. Chanting, yelling, throwing rocks, and sowing mayhem on the Syrian streets when they were fighting against their dictator. Dictator? Yes, supported by Putin, therefore he must be a bad guy by default so sure, we forgave them for what they were doing in their homeland, didn’t we? Yes, we did. In the name of uprising against their domestic dictator, on the wave of so called “Arab Spring,” the West gave them silent permission to destroy their own country, Syria.
Then the war reached a point of no return, destruction was everywhere and when nothing was left over, these street fighters remained on the ruins of what earlier were their own homes. Now the same crowds of young men (where are the women, again?) who were growing up in atmosphere of destruction and war in their veins, after easily calling themselves refugees from a terrible war, with our support and sympathy, are heading to the pretty well-organised country of Hungary. But Hungarians don’t think their presence within its territory will be acceptable to the Hungarian residents and stop the crowd. The Hungarians didn’t stop them from the day one so they must have had a reason why they did this a few days before when the wave of migrants has been rolling through their land since some April or so.
And this is the point of another media war — why are bad Hungarians showing their xenophobic attitude to Syrian freedom fighters? The politicians who have been doing a poor human rights job in their countries cry for human rights in faraway lands, human rights activists lash out at Hungary equally. At the Roszke border crossing with Serbia, we all of the sudden see the same scenes we had seen from Syria some time ago. Smarter and experienced street fighters take their children to the first line of police water cannons and show what mayhem they are all subject to. The blind media keep shooting war scenes blaming Hungarians for everything bad. This time, unlike in Syrian images from the past, there’s no show of hurling stones towards the Hungarians. That was only water that did its destruction on people. Excellent grist to the mill of the real time TV! They do their good job selectively pointing their cameras at cute kids and their mothers, hungry and in need. Sure, they need it, they need help right away! But the media hardly see hordes of young men trying to enforce their rights in a foreign land by charging the border as if something like this never existed for them. Have refugees converted to terrorists or became such ones before? We have seen them on TV from Syrian war, now they are right at the door. Welcome to Europe! Nice introduction to the rest of the world in real time.
Apart from what European countries agreed as to the wave of sudden foreigners and their quota directed to different countries I can honestly say the Hungarian police reacted in very civilized way to stop the intruders, the hooligans who are experienced street fighters, who showed their true face in the land they should be thankful for what they have already been given. They are on a quest of destruction within days in other countries They have destruction well implanted in their blood and proven record of a job done in Syria.
It's high time to put a stop to this wrongly perceived political correctness and ask serious question as to where these young guys are from and about their past before they take direction to their Eldorado that can be easily destroyed too. The Germans closed their border, why can’t Hungarians do the same? As the time of this writing, the immigrants storm Croatia on their quest to Eldorado. Hungarians should feel better now because not only they are the bad guys. No worries, soon Eldorado will put in its restrictions, or will never be the same in the way we have known it.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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