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article imageOp-Ed: Skanktopia — Trump and McCarthy vs America

By Paul Wallis     Jun 3, 2020 in World
Washington - The infamous Senator Joe McCarthy and Trump have a lot in common. McCarthy started years of persecution of individuals, blacklists, and attacked opponents, whether they existed or not. Trump is much too similar.
To explain, because some background is required - McCarthy was a true taste of political oppression and a true demagogue. Taking advantage of the Cold War, he used the original “Reds under the beds” to gain political power. McCarthy started the witch hunts for “communists”, whether they existed or not, ironically using exactly the same types and levels of injustice that Stalin used.
The Cold War and the nuclear arms race were perfect backgrounds for his activities. People were scared of communism, and it was easy to play on their fears. Any accusation against anyone had that setting as a media asset.
The McCarthy era was essentially a total fabrication, seeing threats everywhere and playing on people’s fears. The communist party of America was never a major player in United States politics or anything important. It had no real clout inside or outside America, and it did very little of note. McCarthy, meanwhile, created a nationwide communist conspiracy out of thin air. Even the American Civil Liberties Union was called “communist”.
Presidents Truman and Eisenhower loathed McCarthy, but their opposition to him was ineffectual. McCarthy twisted facts to any degree to maintain his position. McCarthy wasn’t a president, but he acted like one, dictating the terms of engagement on any subject. (Please excuse the brevity, historians and experts, but it'd take forever to describe the damage McCarthy did to America.)
It was as close to a police state as America had ever been, in practice. The totally baseless accusations did a lot of damaged to individuals. Hollywood in particular, that fountain of wisdom, played along, banning actors on mere accusations. The same applied in other sectors, as individuals were basically obliterated professionally. A lot of people did well out of this, trashing others to advance themselves. It was a high point in American sycophancy.
The backlash against McCarthy came from literally everywhere. McCarthy’s downfall was a Congressional censure. He faded away, shut out of politics in the same way he’d shut so many Americans out of their jobs. “McCarthyism” was a grim taste of abuse of political power for the parents of the Boomers and a warning to the next two generations.
It should be noted that McCarthyism achieved absolutely nothing of substance against communism. Stalin and Mao had nothing to fear from it. The actual fighting against espionage was done by Federal agencies.
The pattern
The McCarthy and Trump methods are basically the same:
• Trump effectively created a trade war then a Cold War with China. China became the external enemy.
• Much patriotic propaganda was routinely used to boost the basic message.
• Paid people wrote endlessly in the media to advance the McCarthy line. That included activists to discredit opponents by false flag actions.
• Political sycophancy could now be called an American national sport.
• Trump lies and twists facts so much it’s routine reporting around the world.
• Both created non-existent “enemies within”. For McCarthy, it was abstract communism. For Trump, it’s any critic or anyone with a name who argues with his many changing positions on every subject.
Deconstructing the absurdities
Trump uses demagoguery to sell the most absurd, baseless statements. McCarthy ranted against a non-specific threat. Both assumed that some Americans were disloyal and working to destroy the country, and some people believed them.
Trump refers to “the Left”, for example, echoing McCarthy. This hallucinatory “Left” is also the endless subject of has-been publications like Breitbart, etc. In Western countries, the “Left” is a collection of middle class people. The media grovels along with the endless recitals of "Left" threats.
These are not people who are about to leave their nice homes and move to collective farms. They’re not going to give up their many luxuries. They like being wealthy. They’re not going to give away their assets to the state based on some nutcase ideology.
Yet, you’d think they were raging Stalinists and Maoists, the way the “Left” is portrayed in media. Check out the absurdities:
• Affordable health care/ don’t go broke when you get sick = Communism?
• Taking action against America’s vast poverty = Socialism?
• Decent living wages = Left wing conspiracies?
• Social justice (aka “liberty and justice for all” = Snowflakes?
• Not getting shot = A conspiracy against the right to bear arms?
• Anti-racism = “We the People” are created equal, but that’s anti-American, too?
I’ve coined a word for this – Skanktopia. Everyone knows this isn’t America at its best. It is, however, very close to America at its historical worst, politically. This is government of the sycophants for the sycophants. People who go along with the delusions are also enriching themselves quite nicely as America burns, quite literally. Trump himself is a raging sycophant, seeking approval from anyone and anything, but also getting some benefits for himself.
This is what happens if you don’t learn from history.
Trump hasn’t done one new thing. He’s just done the same things in a different environment. This is McCarthyism. Nobody can be safe while it’s around. America is unrecognizable. It’ll take more than cosmetic surgery to make it look good again, let alone great.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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