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article imageOp-Ed: Official — US Navy confirms UFO videos are real, unknown objects

By Paul Wallis     Sep 18, 2019 in World
Washington - It’s taken a while. A ridiculously long while. The US Navy has confirmed what many people have known for generations, saying UFO videos are truly unidentified, unknown objects.
The confirmation of UFOs as real objects comes after so long, and after so much frustration. The navy has released footage of confirmed unknown objects, including one video of an object which can bank at 90 degrees virtually instantly.
A very big, longoverdue stir has been made. Coverage is going viral, and there are plenty of videos. This confirmation will come as some comfort to people who’ve been called cranks, nuts, hoaxers and practically every other name available in any language. The stigma of “believing” in UFOs, (which the people who’ve seen them call believing the evidence of their own senses), has been a sort of cultural pig-ignorance of endless annoyance.
What the confirmation actually says is “These are authentic videos of flying objects, nature unknown.” They do NOT say “Aliens, flying saucers, etc.” They have not used terms like “drones, weather phenomena, aircraft landing lights, balloons”, and the rest of the dictionary of debunking. However, if you don’t know what something is, or where it comes from, that’s a pretty rational description.
(As a matter of fact the USN wants to phase out “UFO” and replace it with “UAP”, which means “unidentified aerial phenomena”. That makes sense, with a lot of different things now flying, so you need a broader base categorization for “anything and everything we don’t recognize.”)
Is the anti-UFO idiocy finally at an end?
UFO sightings are very common around the world. One of the reasons for the extreme frustration is that many very honest people have simply reported what they saw. Most of these people were sighting things long before the interminable list of exploitative conspiracy theories came along.
The sheer stupidity insularity and downright insanity of denying the existence of things other people have seen with their own eyes is staggering. There can be no more important question for humanity than “What’s out there?” humanity is going into space, because it has to, and because there will eventually be a need to move on from Earth.
We NEED to know what we’re looking at.
We do NOT need pathetic fools telling us we're not seeing what we're seeing.
For a supposedly modern society, this level of deliberate, self-imposed selective ignorance is obscene at best. There’s no excuse at all for not checking out unknown things. Even Stone Age people took the time to observe, assess and evaluate new phenomena, because it was a core survival information need.
The usual anti-UFO propaganda in the form of obvious, amateurish hoaxes was one of the standard methods of discrediting the whole idea of UFOs. It didn’t stack up too well against reports from people who simply said what they saw, and didn’t see why they should suddenly believe they didn’t see what they saw. A lot of pressure and actual ridicule had no effect on them, and just as well.
What’s reported, and why
There is another, much less obvious and much more annoying issue which the US Navy has finally addressed. Many of the decades of UFO reports come from experienced fliers. A few points:
• You may not be too surprised to learn that people flying aircraft do not spend a lot of time looking for, or at, things which don’t exist.
• They need to fly their aircraft and stay focused, and that takes a lot of attention.
• Anything which is in their immediate vicinity is naturally seen as a potential hazard. They have to assess that hazard, and figure out what to do about it.
So if a pilot sees a possible risk, they have to act accordingly, even if they can’t identify the risk. They also have to report hazards or unusual traffic in the air when it’s relevant. They’ve been doing that for about 80 years, and getting very little traction until now. You can imagine how expert pilots feel about having these must-do reports treated as they have been.
Military pilots, whose statements make up a large percentage of UFO report sightings, are also trained to evaluate possible threats, with much more effective equipment. These pilots have regularly reported behaviours and flight capabilities of objects which are obviously not anything like “normal” aircraft.
Many of those behaviours are also pretty interesting. At least one UFO report says the UFO played hide and seek with a flight of US aircraft for some time – Before going underwater and re-emerging to continue the game of tag.
The hard information is far too valuable to ignore
Many reports indicate unknown aerial manoeuvrability, aerobatic capacities, and accelerations which are simply not in the dictionary for modern aircraft. These craft are clearly very efficient fliers. They apparently use a variety of propulsion methods, or no visible propulsion, which should make perfect sense to physicists and engineers, if not the mainstream industry. There are only so many ways you can make something fly. The way it flies is a good starting point to finding out how it flies.
These technologies are no longer incomprehensible, at least in theory. Proper study and evaluation could give a lot of clues to a whole spectrum of flight dynamics and possibilities.
Aliens? Who’s surprised?
The other, truly nauseating component of UFO denial is the strange, baseless theory that there’s no live anywhere else in countless trillions of galaxies. This “theory” doesn’t stand a moment’s scrutiny. If life is impossible everywhere else, it should be impossible here, too. It isn’t. We have so many different forms of life here we still haven’t discovered any number of species. Case closed.
Proof also seems to be a question of preferences, rather than facts. We have facts, now officially confirmed, even if we don’t quite understand them. Standing on a self-righteous soap box and demanding that reality explain itself to humanity is more than a little absurd. What do you want, an affidavit? “Hi there, humans, here’s our certificate of authenticity”? Would you make contact with a so-called intelligent species which was that dull?
Nothing could be LESS surprising than aliens. The simplest explanation is often the most likely. No panic. (Why in the name of stale Doritos would anyone “panic”, anyway?) No sudden upheavals. A lot of interest, yes.
The US Navy is one of the key managers of some of the most advanced technologies in history. They’re in a better position than just about anyone else on Earth to make a call, and we may be truly thankful that they’ve made it.
Now – Let’s go find out what’s going on.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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