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article imageOp-Ed: Obama’s warning to Russia about Ukraine reeks of hypocrisy

By Justin King     Mar 1, 2014 in World
Washington - As the crisis in Ukraine mounts, President Obama issued a hollow warning to Russia over violating the sovereignty of the embattled nation.
In an impromptu news conference, the President chided Russia for not informing the United States of its intentions in Ukraine, as if there was some reason for Russia to have its plans approved by the United States. President Obama should remember that Vladimir Putin has a phone and pen as well. Perhaps Russian officials assumed the United States had already received word of the plans through one of the many spying programs revealed to the world by Edward Snowden. President Obama said
It would be a clear violation of Russia's commitment to respect the independence and sovereignty and borders of Ukraine and of international laws.
It’s a warning that the President lacks the moral authority to make. The President has repeatedly allowed the sovereignty of nations to be violated by the United States drone program. More importantly, the remarks come less than a day after the Parliament of the European Union voted on a resolution that condemned the U.S. drone program as a “violation of international law.” The resolution passed by a sweeping majority of 534 to 49.
Russian President Vladimir Putin will most likely disregard the statements because the world is very well aware of the pungent hypocrisy of the United States accusing any other nation of violating international law. The United States has thrown its weight around the international scene for so long without repercussions that it may have forgotten that there are nations in the world that possess war making capabilities that are not subservient to U.S. interests. There was a time when a condemnation from the United States meant something to the international community. It doesn’t anymore.
One of the armed men who call themselves members of Ukraine's disbanded elite Berkut riot polic...
One of the armed men who call themselves members of Ukraine's disbanded elite Berkut riot police force aims his Klashnikov rifle at a checkpoint on a highway that connects the Black Sea Crimea peninsula to mainland Ukraine, on February 28, 2014
Viktor Drachev, AFP
The United States cannot lecture any nation on violating international law, the use of torture, censorship, inflated prison populations, treatment of dissidents, secret police forces, or any of the other symbols of tyranny. The United States is no longer the bulwark against these practices; it is the perpetrator of them.
Russia is pursuing its own interests in Ukraine, a nation that has historically been linked to it; a nation it has military facilities in. The United States would react the same way. It maintained the Monroe Doctrine, protecting its sphere of influence in Latin America, for almost 200 years. The West chose to make moves in what has traditionally been Russia’s sphere of influence. This reaction should have been completely expected.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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