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article imageOp-Ed: More than 100 die, capture of one Israeli is the big story

By Robert Weller     Jul 20, 2014 in World
Tel Aviv - Israel has been portrayed throughout the war with Gaza as the Goliath with no chinks in its armor. There is one. When Isaerli soldiers are captured it changes the game completely.
Sunday was the bloodiest day in Gaza with 100 or so Gazans killed, along with 13 Israeli soldiers.
But the big story was the capture of an Israeli soldier. Unlike America, where the news media moves on to the next big story, Israel stays focused.
Perhaps it is because their population is so small. Perhaps it is because they are so sensitive to what happened during the Holocaust.
Gazans say that they choose European or American-born Israelis to capture because Tel Aviv will care more about them than an Ethiopian or a Russian, for example.
Or perhaps it is because it shows they really are not invincible.
Arabs have been able to negotiate the release of hundreds of their prisoners for one or two Israelis.
Also of concern is that least 18 Israel soldiers have died since they moved into Gaza territory, the Washington Post reported.
This is the worst fighting since 2005, when Gaza also was invaded.
Israel says it has to invade to destroy tunnels that rebels have built to permit their fighters to enter and launch attacks. When one tunnel is found and destroyed, another is built.
The US, with a much stronger and larger army, never managed to shut down the Vietcong’s tunnels.
“To counter the immense technological advantage held by U.S. and allied forces during the Vietnam Conflict, the Viet Cong developed an extensive network of underground tunnel complexes. From these tunnels, which were concentrated mostly around Cu Chi but spread as far as the outskirts of Saigon, the enemy could effectively ambush American forces and then safely vanish underfoot. The tunnels became so highly developed that they eventually contained armories, hospitals, mess halls, manufacturing centers, and storage facilities. Some complexes ranged up to 40 miles long; the Cu Chi tunnel complex contained 130 miles of passageways,” the US Army Corps of Engineers reported.
They won the war as much as anything else.
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