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article imageOp-Ed: Man's inhumanity seen as children beheaded in C.A.R.

By Karen Graham     Jan 3, 2014 in World
As new levels of violence are reached in the vicious civil war in the Central African Republic, children are being drawn into the conflict, forced to become soldiers in a fight they know little about, while many more end up suffering unspeakable deaths.
Muslims and Christians, at bitter odds with each other, are fighting to the death in war-torn Central African Republic. It's not enough that adults are killing, maiming and burning, but now the youngest of the country's citizens are being drawn into the conflict.
According to the United Nations. at least 16 deaths of children along with hundreds more being injured has been verified since the violence broke out in the capital of Bangui December 5. Two children were beheaded in revenge attacks, which are becoming common.
Souleymane Diabate, the country's UNICEF representative said, "We are witnessing unprecedented levels of violence against children. More and more children are being recruited into armed groups, and they are also being directly targeted in atrocious revenge attacks."
The latest U.N. figures for 2013 show over 6,000 children have been forced to become child-soldiers as the violence has increased. The violence against children has become a vital concern of the U.N. What had been a matter of political turmoil has now grown into a state of near anarchy. Now the U.N. fears genocide is brewing.
On Friday, the United Nations Refugee Agency reported over 935,000 have been displaced internally since the violence began. In the capital, al least 60 percent of those displaced are children. It is not known how many people have been killed in some of the remote areas of the C.A.R., because it is too dangerous to even travel away from the main roads. Others have fled into the bush to avoid the roving bands of militia.
While the United Nations is pleading for the world to step in and help to end the violence, the mutilations, be-headings, burning of villages and abject fear of being killed continues. Just like it has happened before, children are now being given weapons and forced to kill. It is hard to imagine what the people of C.A.R. must be going through, especially for those of us sitting in our comfortable living-rooms, so very far removed from the horrors taking place.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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