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article imageOp-Ed: Latest Internet sensation? Canada's own shirtless Justin Trudeau

By Karen Graham     Aug 7, 2016 in World
Sightings of Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau sans his shirt have become an Internet sensation, not only in Canada but internationally, this summer.
The Prime Minister was in British Columbia last week, and while surfing at a beach in Tofino, he was photographed while taking a break from riding the waves, while at the same time photobombing a couple getting married, according to the Associated Press.
Justin Trudeau is silly dreamy. Here he is shirtless on the beach. This has to stop  writes on Twitt...
Justin Trudeau is silly dreamy. Here he is shirtless on the beach. This has to stop, writes on Twitter Felicity Morse.
Felicity Morse
After posting the photo of the wedding couple on the beach, Felicity Morse tweeted a question that Canadians are probably all wondering: "What next? Justin Trudeau delivers a baby with his feet in a moving car, whilst using his free hand to massage a baby kitten back to life?" Now that's funny.
A shirtless Justin Trudeau accidentally gets in the wedding picture.
A shirtless Justin Trudeau accidentally gets in the wedding picture.
David Beard
It is understandable that Canadians and the rest of the world, for that matter have developed a fascination with Trudeau. This writer certainly can be counted among those who are taken by his youthful good looks, amiable personality and all-around friendliness with the media.
It seems that Trudeau is a darling with the media, especially with the photo-ops that keep popping up wherever he happens to be at the moment. Even more amusing, to me, anyway, is how his beautiful physique has been recreated on T-shirts and other items, such as the sweater the Huffington Post Canada Tweeted.
Huff Post Canada
Last month, a couple hiking in Quebec's Gatineau Park encountered Trudeau and were lucky enough to get a "selfie" with the prime minister, who happened to be shirtless at the time. The BBC and Time magazine picked that story up and it went international.
American online news provider Mic commented on the same Quebec encounter, writing that a shirtless Trudeau is "one of Canada's most prized national treasures." Jim Godby, an avid outdoorsman, and father, encountered the Trudeau family when they emerged from the watery depths of Canada's majestic Lusk Caves.
Lillian May
Godby immediately identified the prime minister by his "characteristic jovial trill," says Mic. "It was just said with such an enthusiastic, joyful tone that that's what kind of struck me. He evidently enjoys leading ... it seemed pretty characteristic of his personality."
But all the silliness aside regarding Justin Trudeau's shirtless encounters with unsuspecting Canadians, Canada indeed does possess a prime minister who is not only youthful, but athletic and fun-loving. This writer has to agree with many Canadian women, Trudeau is a "Hunk."
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