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article imageOp-Ed: It’s over — Chinese new infections dropping to single digits

By Paul Wallis     Mar 12, 2020 in World
Beijing - This is the news the world has been waiting for – The Chinese rate of new infections is down to one digit. The peak has evidently passed. The months of utter insanity are nearly over where it all started.
The news comes from China’s National Health Commission. The trend has now been visible in Hubei, centre of the outbreak, for the last week. After all the controversy of China’s crackdown and interpretation of statistics, China has now definitive statistics for new infections.
China is said to be getting back to normal. Officially, however, the country is now working on managing the economic fallout from the months of uncertainty. President Xi has directly connected the epidemic with social and economic development. That means it is top priority, and linked to macroeconomic/ high status/ no buts policies.
The overall impression from Xinhua is that China is pretty pleased about its achievements in managing the viral horror story, with good reason. The rest of the world now has to match China’s two month turnaround for managing the virus.
You could be forgiven for thinking the world is much more verbose than China was during the worst of the outbreak. China dealt with the problem. The world is still babbling about doing something about it.
Other news about China's’ move back into normality is a bit less straightforward but has a delightfully normal, adorably insincere tone to it. The New York Times recently had a story on Trump’s initiative to try to secure only American made drugs, for example, that reeks of self-interest disguised as altruism. Then there’s the story about America claiming China’s initial handling of the outbreak enabled it to spread. (Unlikely on any senior level, whatever the buck passing further down the food chain.)
Anyway, that’s the real news – This insanity does have an end. Can’t wait.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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