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article imageOp-Ed: IS flagwaver stabs police, shot dead in Melbourne, more incidents

By Paul Wallis     Sep 24, 2014 in World
Melbourne - Within two days of the “Islamic State’s” call for attacks on Westerners, an 18-year-old man referred to as a terror suspect has been shot by police after attacking police officers. One of the officers was seriously injured.
In Melbourne, Abdul Numan Haider, who was wanted for questioning regarding display of an IS flag in a shopping mall, attacked a Victoria Police member and an Australian Federal police officer after being asked to come to the local police station for questioning. Outside the police station, an AFP officer was stabbed multiple times and is in a stable but serious condition. The Victoria Police officer shot the man after sustaining a knife wound.
Other reports from onlookers indicate that Haider, whose family comes from Afghanistan, also uttered threats against Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Haider was a person of interest to police. Haider had had his passport cancelled after anti-terrorism raids. He was also alleged to have published materials on social media referring to ASIO and the AFP as “declaring war on Muslims.”
According to the Sydney Morning Herald:
...When Haider was searched he was found to be carrying a larger knife and an Islamic State flag. Police believe the plan was to follow instructions from the international terror group Islamic State and behead the officers, cover the bodies in the flag and then take photos to post via the internet.
Other incidents.
In Sydney, a 14-year-old was arrested for “screaming threats to slaughter the Christians” outside a Maronite school in Wentworthville. The juvenile was allegedly waving a flag resembling the IS flag while uttering the threats. Under Australian law, he can't be identified by name.
Meanwhile, a lawyer for several of those detained in last week’s anti-terror raids has stated that Muslims feel “under siege” as a result of recent raids and new anti-terror laws.
The real question is why - The migrant story
The rest of the country, meanwhile, is baffled. Australia is a nation of immigrants. Most immigrants and most refugees in particular, however, do not then plan to behead people and attack the country. Muslim refugees may not all live luxuriously, but they do invariably live considerably better than they do in their war-ravaged home countries.
Australian Muslims are publicly educated, have freedom of worship, and if the austere ultra-Islamic lifestyle doesn’t have much in common with the Australian lifestyle, it wasn’t that much of an issue for anyone.
Now, it is an issue, thanks to propaganda. Australians do not understand why or how people whose parents came here as refugees to get away from mass-murdering pseudo-religious thugs, are now supporting the very things they came here to escape. I’ve met quite a few of these people, (including one Afghani guy whose shoes looked like they’d walked from Afghanistan to Sydney), and they’re definitely not nutcases.
They’re war-weary, tired, and just want peaceful lives. They've had enough wars. They have other things on their minds. Their parents, in fact, worked extremely hard to support them and bring them up in a truly alien culture, and did a good job of it. They think we’re ridiculously soft on teen crime, but they know this is a different way of doing things.
On the roads in Sydney, you can see any number of women in hijabs driving SUVs. In some of their own countries, they wouldn’t even be allowed to learn to read. The local Muslims run businesses and have relatively decent lives. They don’t bother anybody. Until 911, there wasn’t a problem at all.
Quite the opposite, in fact — the Middle Easterners came out here to get away from the Lebanese civil war, Saddam Hussein, the Iraq/Iran and Afghan wars. When the Americans invaded Iraq, the local Iraqis were glad to see him go. The “conspicuously Islamic” groups were about as popular with the mainstream Middle Easterners as the “conspicuous Christians” with us. Tolerated, but irrelevant and largely ignored. However much of a believer you may be, you don’t really have to put up with people claiming to be intolerably superior worshippers.
A strange place for a war
Haider was living in Narre Warren in Melbourne, about 10km northeast from where I grew up. It’s a typical Australian middle class suburb, and the only real risks for those growing up in that sort of suburb are from boredom and traffic fatigue. It’s commuter country, almost unbearably uninteresting for those growing up there. It’s also a natural choice for those trying to start a new life, a good place to raise a family, away from the hysteria and maniacs of the past. You couldn’t get a lot more different from Afghanistan, except by actually living under the sea.
Yet, he was “radicalized”, somehow. Which raises the question — are these radicalized kids just gullible? Do they really believe that yet another war in the Middle East or anywhere else will somehow make things better? The last half dozen wars in the Middle East have only made things worse for most people. The majority of people in the Muslim nations are extremely poor. None of these self-proclaimed saviours of the people has changed that in 70 years. The “heroes” start the wars, and the people suffer.
We don’t get it. We don’t even know how to get it. Why would anyone who has instant access to firsthand information from their parents about the sheer misery of those wars, want to fight another? What’s so persuasive about propaganda? Do they just believe what someone else tells them?
If you talk to older Middle Easterners who lived through those horrible wars, they see things very differently from the younger guys. They’ve heard it all so many times before, time and time again. These people have better things to do with their lives than just mindlessly get involved in more trouble and misery. They know better. They live in nice homes, they have reasonably OK lives, and they’re not getting blown up or shot at whenever someone feels like it.
This could be the most unnecessary in a long list of wars in recent years. No good can come of it. Nobody will be better off, but a lot have been and will get killed and maimed.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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