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article imageOp-Ed: From specialty beers to bobble-heads — Here comes the Pope

By Karen Graham     Sep 21, 2015 in World
Pope Francis' visit to the United States is not only exciting, but for many, a quick way to make a pile of money. The Pontiff has been vocal in criticizing the "tyranny" of capitalism, but that won't stop the flood of collectibles being sold.
Thousands and thousands of people are waiting in anticipation, just hoping to get a glimpse of the head of the Catholic Church, and it makes no difference if they themselves are Catholic. I mean, just how often does the Pope come to America?
But at the same time, there are all kinds of businesses and individuals that plan on making big money out of the Pope's visit, and the list of "collectibles" is unbelievable. points out the hundreds of pricey collectibles available, from coffee mugs, pope dolls, rosaries, hoodies, baseball hats, $500 silver crosses, backpacks, pennants, drink cozies, and more to numerous to mention.
Bobble-heads are just one of the many pricey collectibles that will be available for sale.
Bobble-heads are just one of the many pricey collectibles that will be available for sale.
Besides the songs written in honor of the Pontiff's visit, local craft breweries in Philadelphia, known for its beers, have developed specialty beers inspired by the papal visit. WBAL-TV 11 says the Brewer's Art Pub on N. Charles St. will be featuring a beer called, "Resurrection."
Tamara Nieves with The Brewer's Art Pub told WBAL, "The yeast actually died, and they threw more sugar in and resurrected the yeast and one of the early brewers was like, 'Resurrection.' This is what we're going to call this beer."
It really gets worse, like the draft beer made by Philadelphia Brewing, called "Holy Wooder." The word "wooder" is Philly-speak for "water." Get it? The brewery says the beer "guarantees to cleanse your soul and set you on a path to righteousness."
A Pope T-shirt will probably cost an arm and a leg.
A Pope T-shirt will probably cost an arm and a leg.
Flying Fish in Somerset New Jersey, just across the river from Philly is offering a beer called "Nope." It has been brewed for those who want to avoid the crowds and stay away. The brewery's founder, Gene Muller, told Fortune, “We say it is for folks who have no interest in walking over the bridge to Philadelphia. It is a moderate amount of alcohol that won’t force you to serve any kind of penance the next morning.”
Seeing as the Pontiff's first leg of his American visit will take him to Washington, D.C., the Brookland Pint, a restaurant located in the northwest part of the city, will be serving two dozen pope-inspired beverages. "I thought that we absolutely had to have some wonderful pope-inspired beers at the very least, religious inspired," John Andrade, owner of Brookland Pint said.
"We're going to be pouring Evil Twin double barrel, Jesus 34:05, as well as a very rare coffee version of an imperial stout they make called 'Even More Jesus,'" said Jace Gonnerman, Brookland Pint's beverage director.
Andrade and Gonnerman both say that beer and religion go together and are part of a very long tradition. They are quick to point out that monks have been brewing beer for centuries. "There is a long, deeply rooted history that kind of intertwines," Gonnerman said.
There are many more ales and beers available for the papal visit, from "Jesus Wept," to "Pater Noster," but to list all of them is ridiculous. There is not a whole lot that's "Holy" about a bobble-head pope or a shot glass, but someone is going to make a pile of money, that is for sure. I wonder if they will put the proceeds in the offering plate next Sunday?
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