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article imageOp-Ed: Brexit food stockpile grows as Tory idiocy continues

By Paul Wallis     Dec 18, 2018 in World
London - Brexit may be the single dumbest move by the British government in history, even compared to World War One, the Somme and Singapore. The Tories are now grasping at non-existent straws. It's not the first time they've destroyed whole generations.
The situation isn’t getting better. It’s getting worse, a lot worse, in fact. Stories of food stockpiling, proposed troop deployments, and a deeper, much less impressive, scenario of lack of fresh food, are everywhere. Expected traffic chaos with backed up freight doesn’t help much, either.
With these stories comes an unanswerable question:
What the hell does the Tory government think it’s doing?
There is a historical precedent, and it’s not an encouraging image. Shortages may cause a need for rationing. Britain spent a lot of time on rationing during the 20th century. The rations, which were less than generous, were “sustenance”, keeping people alive, but that’s about all. Now, the conservatives have basically managed to create a situation which is potentially as bad as the worst of the U-Boat times. All they really need to do now is start randomly bombing London to stage a faithful recreation of 1940 and the Blitz.
May is no Churchill, fighting a real enemy. May carries the tattered, soiled flag of some drivelling conservative hallucination, based on a baseless series of buzzwords, fighting an imaginary host of non-existent enemies. “Sovereignty”, “independence”, and the rest of the tired old rhetoric now equate to proven imbecility, a blatant insult to thousands of years of British history and British misery.
Consider this:
• Having spent some time saying how well the country was doing pre-Brexit, suddenly Brexit became the only option for Britain. The arguments were spurious at best, and fraudulent at worst.
• Having won the referendum, the Tories then proceeded to prove beyond doubt that they had no plans for actually doing it and less idea how to do it.
• There were no plans for trade, either. The sheer amount of time and work required to reinstate existing trade deals, let alone generate new trade, will cost the nation a fortune, a fact any first year economics dropout could have seen.
• Having stated that Brexit was the “will of the people”, they now ignore a thunderous, continual demand for a second referendum from all sectors of the public.
• The Poor Man’s Bargain Bin Three Stooges, Johnson, Farage, and Rees Mogg, resigned after the Brexit vote, unwilling to take the political heat, and setting up May for this debacle. The joke is that they think the Tories will ever live this down, and that they’ll be in government again any time soon after the next election.
• A second Scottish independence vote, predicated on Brexit, is likely. This time the absurd (and illegal) threats of removing banks, etc. won’t work. If Scotland becomes independent, the UK borders will be pretty close to what they were during the time of the Tudors and Stuarts. Geopolitically, Britain will have gone back in time 500 years.
• There’s no clear picture of what will happen to the British pound, either. A serious devaluation could play havoc with the banks, equities, and the balance of trade, (if there is any trade), causing a lot of collateral damage to the economy which may take decades to repair. This issue alone could be a true death blow to England.
But wait, there’s more… much more.
Managing this dog’s breakfast of an outcome will also be in the hands of the architects of the disaster, at least for a while. The decision to deploy troops, rather than economic fixers, is a good example of the level of pseudo intellect likely to be running things. Just think what people who know how to destroy a functional economy might do with a failed economy. Britain could become the next Venezuela or Zimbabwe.
What do people do, when they lack food, money, and shelter? Guess. Law and order will become an issue like the convict ships and transportation to Australia. To quote The Clash: “I see no glory…When will we be free.”
Not any time soon, mate, if the Tories and their insanities continue to fester in British public life. There’ll always be an England, just not in those tiny little minds.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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