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article imageOp-Ed: Brexit, and yet another Foot In Mouth moment

By Paul Wallis     Feb 15, 2019 in World
London - What more can you possibly say about this farcical mess? Having lost yet another vote, Britain’s Least Talented politicians then went on to say that "they wanted to win, to show unity to Brussels". Tell the world, eh?
The staggering display even the slightest ability to keep mouths shut is one of the hallmarks of Brexit. Not a word has yet been said which helps to promote Britain’s cause from the Brexiteers. “Appalling Shambles” is one of the milder descriptions from global media.
The equally incoherent and inexcusably inefficient opposition hasn’t shown the slightest interest in taking advantage of the train wrecks, either. It may well be that the opposition doesn’t want to have to carry the rotting corpse of British credibility around, but doing nothing isn’t a good look.
This is what total failure looks like
* Since the vote, nothing has gone right for Brexit. Britain has negotiated itself into an immovable position.
* Brussels has given away precisely nothing, with the possible exception of taking Gibraltar off the agenda.
* On March 29 2019, unless there’s an extension, there is no deal. This is the “hard Brexit”, with nothing in place for the transition.
* There isn’t even anything for the government to brag about as a clearly identifiable physical or trade benefit of Brexit.
* “Sovereignty” doesn’t mean a damn thing in a world owned by corporate equities. How much “sovereignty” does the average UK citizen have, when trying to earn a living wage, for example?
* Britain has to PAY to leave the EU, quite a lot of billions, up to 40 billion pounds, which obviously won’t be going in to things like the National Health, etc. That’s not getting a lot of mentions, either.
Confidence in the government has eroded to the point that people are stockpiling food, medicine, and making arrangements for the army to maintain order and to get the Queen out of London. Does that sound particularly competent?
The bottom line is that obviously nobody has a clue what happens when Brexit takes force.
In the thousands of years of British history, which is rich indeed with blunders of all kinds, Brexit is arguably the most totally unnecessary. World War 1, in which an entire generation was maimed for no good reason at all, would be the only rough equivalent.
The government  worried about cross-Channel freight after Brexit  signed up a ferry company which di...
The government, worried about cross-Channel freight after Brexit, signed up a ferry company which didn't actually own ships
The sheer shallowness, stupidity, irresponsibility, and intractable idiocy of Brexit is beyond description. That the British government is now going out of its way to prove that it can’t even mention the subject without humiliating the nation is no good sign.
“…A vote to send a signal to Brussels about unity….?” For god’s sake! Winnie the Pooh was more aware of what he was talking about, and the context of what he was saying, than these fools. Does anyone happen to know if any of the UK Parliament ever made it out of day care? They’re getting nearly as bad as the American ignoramuses.
My suggestion for UK citizens is pretty obvious. Emigrate. If you stick around, you may catch whatever disease causes this level of smug insanity. Not something you want in the genome, I’d think?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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