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article imageOp-Ed: Biden is JFK Jr in a mask and an intergalactic being, says QAnon

By Paul Wallis     Jan 16, 2021 in World
Washington - In the decrepit Disneyland into which QAnon translates everything, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Biden is JFK Jr in a mask and an intergalactic being, of course. There are, however, a few technical issues in this latest unaccountable revelation.
The news of Biden’s intergalactic status as both JFK Jr. and a “being of light” is pretty much in line with QAnon’s usual standards. The trivial detail of achieving any level of credibility isn’t even an issue.
According to this information:
• The mask is a CGI (computer graphics imagery) mask.
• JFK Jr. faked his own death.
• JFK Jr. is a lizard person.
• Mr Biden is made of pure starlight and is a billion years old.
• Mr Biden plans to introduce a cure for all disease in his second term.
Uh, yeah…
Let’s start with a few minor issues:
• If you’re a being made of pure starlight, why do you need to be a supposedly dead lizard using a CGI mask?
• How does such a being have a grown human family? Is there something the electricians and lighting guys should know?
• How did the lizard element become a Kennedy?
• What’s wrong with curing all diseases?
• A billion years old? Do we happen to have any corroborative information for this?
• Oh, yeah … And on 20 January, Trump will appear on TV using a particle beam and announce a New World Order and there will be a takeover against the satanic pedovores.
All seems pretty straightforward, doesn’t it? So ordinary you wonder why they bothered mentioning it.
Meanwhile, back on the idiot production line, a few things missing
Left out of the narrative are a few obvious things:
• No pixies driving heavily armoured giant Kleenex robots down the streets of DC?
• No patriots called to arms to prevent the cure of all diseases?
• No allegations? What, was the Ouija board offline?
• No “aliens among us”? Since when?
OK, bozos – So deliver
There is a point at which even QAnon oversteps itself. Add to this the fact all this non-information comes from a totally unaccountable source.
The time has come to put an end to this babble. Given that none of this is going to happen at all, what’s the excuse? Like all prophecies of the End Times, etc., this nonsense is just more spicy Styrofoam as mental food for imbeciles. It fits whatever crap was previously said, all of which has never been proven to anyone at all.
This particular tonnage of crud can be seen as “put up or shut up” for QAnon. It’ll look great in the history books. People will marvel that anyone ever believed such utter crap. It’ll be “a relic of the Trump era” for collectors.
But if it doesn’t happen… How good is QAnon? All this garbage has to be borne out. We need Donny Boy arriving on a particle beam in everyone’s homes. We need lizard people who are strangely committed to curing all diseases. We need a billion year old being of light. We need an extra living Kennedy.
…And you guys can deliver on all that? Let’s see it. You have 3 days.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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