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article imageOp-Ed: Australia moving to more Chinese-style lockdowns

By Paul Wallis     Mar 21, 2020 in World
Sydney - Australia is a big place. Travel and socializing is part of life, but not for a while if the government has its way. Serious lockdowns are proposed for high infection areas and non-essential travel is to be shut down as much as possible.
Australia hasn’t been hit too hard yet, but the signs of people doing stupid things and a rapidly rising infection rate haven’t exactly encouraged optimism.
Idiocy in Australia isn’t entirely unexpected, particularly by Aussies. Some traditions just don’t die, despite many requests from the nation as a whole. Bondi Beach was shut down after a lot of people avoided basic precautions. It’s the first time the famous beach has been shut down. This provoked the response – “You can’t stop people from living” from some genius.
As a matter of fact, mate, stopping someone from living is almost 100% certainly what you’ll be doing yourself. Your brain-dead carcass could be carrying enough virus to kill a lot of people. Just avoiding the risk of transmission isn’t a lot to ask, even from boozing beach-bound bores and boors. Show some respect, you ignoramuses. You want to kill someone’s granny or a few people with serious medical conditions? That’s how.
Another undiagnosed Einstein let sick people off a ship known to have coronavirus cases onboard. That wasn’t very popular and a game of hide and seek with the people affected is now required. Ship passengers please note that this is nothing personal - You’re welcome as always, but the virus isn’t making a lot of friends here.
Stimulus on the way
Also interesting is that another raft of stimulus measures is in place. Too bad that it takes an epidemic to get governments working on making live liveable, but.., meh.
Initiatives include access to superannuation, $100,000 for businesses to keep people in work, and possible further cash incentives. Quantitative easing, printing more money, is another option to keep our sensitive economy ticking along. The stimuli are being met with a certain level of cynicism, but the general idea is right.
Once a jolly swagman camped by the side of an internet screen
Under the shade of a government stimulus….
Not quite the same thing, though.
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