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article imageNaked News: Nudity is newsworthy as people parade in the buff

By Marcus Hondro     Aug 30, 2014 in World
There is Dating Naked and the real estate show Buying Naked and of course The Naked News. There's a naked bike ride and topless march. Nudity is showing itself off of late, making the news and in doing so displaying just how prudish we can be.
Nudity in the House
To begin there was an expose in the Daily Mail in the U.K. on Thursday about a mother who parades about her house naked, that despite having a 13-year-old son. Is it a big deal? Some feel it is (especially given her son is hitting puberty) but neither mother Jules Pomerance, 44, husband Nigel, 45, son Jordan or her daughters (10 and 7) find it a big deal.
"Nudity has nothing whatever to do with sex as far as I’m concerned, and as our son has already reached puberty it’s not going to make any difference now," Mom believes. "If anything, I think that “normalizing” nudity is the best way of countering the over-sexualisation of our children."
As the Daily Mal reports, however, not everyone agrees. Psychotherapist Margaret Ramage told Mail reporter Clare Campbell that "Although there is nothing intrinsically 'wrong' in nudity between family members, it can have effects we cannot predict.
"Neuroscientists have found there is a sexual template in the brain that begins to develop around seven or eight in a boy, and it might be inhibited by the sight of his mother’s naked body, which could possibly affect him in later life."
Rampage also spoke of seeing "adult men who slept in their mothers’ beds in their teenage years and who later complained of a complete lack of sexual desire." She notes that "in our culture, nudity is very much a sexual matter, with mystery, excitement and arousal all linked to it. Generally, it is important that children are not exposed to adult sexuality in any form."
Nude Man in Topeka, Kansas
Another case of recent nudity took place last week in Topeka, Kansas when a man walked about parts of the city buck naked. The real issue became the number of complaints police got - none of which they acted upon.
"Unless somebody is exposing themselves or a sexual organ to gratify or arouse someone other than themselves then it's really not anything against the law," Shawnee County Sheriff Herman Jones told KLTV 7 News in Topeka.
That explanation doesn't sit so well with Topeka resident Natasha Shamblin, who noted that the naked man "...walked past schools, past churches." She added that a guy walking around the city streets naked is "...really, really disturbing and makes me wonder how many people are going to catch wind of this and then think its okay to do that."
Would that really be such a terrible thing?
Nudity in the News
Some might think that's just fine, in fact, which leads us to a final bit of news about nudity. Last week in some 50 cities over the world it was the 7th Annual International Go-Topless Day. It was really only about being naked from the waist up. It's a serious event to protest the fact that women, unlike men, have to always wear a top in public. Women, and male supporters, parade in the street, the woman wearing no tops, the men, to reverse things, wearing a bra or halter top.
There are other examples of nudity in the news, the World Naked Bike Ride, nudists colony news , controversy over a planned nude scene in the hit TV series 'Game of Thrones' and comic Sarah Silverman getting naked in 'Masters of Sex.'
And another comic Kathy Griffin, did the ALS ice-bucket challenge in the buff (and got on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' to show off a clip of it). And there is now even a culinary experience called 'Naked Sushi' where you eat your meal off of a naked model.
It's likely all this nudity does not mean we're getting over our need to cover up. There just happens to be a rash of nudity of late. The reality is that, yeah, we're still prudish, witnessed by the fact that if we weren't then all of this nudity in the news would in fact not be in the news.
It'd just be normal.
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