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article imageMosul falls to militants, U.S. asked to intervene

By Karen Graham     Jun 10, 2014 in World
Mosul - Iraq's stability took another blow today as insurgents seized control of Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq. By early Tuesday morning, a group of fighters with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) had taken over the west bank of the city.
With government authority crumbling, the fall of Mosul follows on the heels of the taking of Fallujah in January by the ISIS. Many people are saying that while it has been more than three years since American troops withdrew from Iraq, ISIS's gains are proving that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has failed to make any headway in healing the dissention caused by the sectarian civil war.
It is being said that U.S.-trained government troops have fled the city, many of them stripping off their uniforms so as to not be identified. Iraq’s speaker of parliament, Osama Nujaifi, said the city is now entirely under the control of the insurgents. “When the battle got tough in the city of Mosul, the troops dropped their weapons and abandoned their posts, making it an easy prey for the terrorists,” he told a televised news conference in Baghdad.
According to CBS, the primary goal of ISIS may have been to free more than 2,000 prisoners being held by the government in Mosul. Secondly, the taking of the city puts the insurgents one step closer to Bagdad. But Nujaifi says he thinks the insurgents have their sights set on Salahuddin, a province north of Bagdad. “They have already seized the Shergat air base in Salahuddin,” Nujaifi said. He added that the insurgents already have seized weapon depots, heavy equipment and helicopters from the army bases in Mosul.
Nujaifi said he has spoken to U.S. Ambassador Lukman Faily, asking the United States to use military intervention to repel the terrorist's based on the Joint Cooperation Agreement that exists between the two nations. Some authorities think a move like this is almost impossible to do, and absolutely impossible to do quickly.
It must be remembered that when the U.S. pulled our troops out of Iraq three years ago, President Barack Obama failed to set up a contingency plan that would have covered just this kind of event. To deploy thousands of troops on short notice is almost impossible. It would take a large amount of equipment, tens of thousands of troops and a working plan, logistically to retake Bagdad, should the city fall.
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