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KFC reveals new prom trend with drumstick corsages

By Nora Meszaros     Apr 14, 2014 in Food
KFC unveiled their latest crispy option on the menu — an exclusive line of drumstick corsages, just in time for prom season. Check out the promo video above.
Released by way of YouTube on April 9, the new promotional video from Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) claims to make love less awkward “by surprising your date with a corsage that will make her eyes light up and her mouth water.”
Like anything else on the fried chicken restaurant’s menu, you can customize your corsage order with Original Recipe, Extra Crispy, or Kentucky Grilled Chicken, Gawker reports.
As if it’s not weird enough that the corsages are being bravely marketed by the franchise, you can order the corsages from anywhere in the US and Canada for just $20 through Nanz & Kraft.
According The Examiner, KFC has recently partnered up with the Louisville, Kentucky florist to create the prom-ready poultry.
If you’re considering getting one, you should know that the drumstick does not arrive with your floral arrangement. Instead, you receive a coupon for the fried chicken so that you can pick it up on your “special day,” The Examiner reports. But hurry and get yours today – there are only 100 in total, according to Consumerist.
Each corsage features the ever-popular flower baby’s breath, with a fried chicken drumstick “plopped” into its center, The Examiner reports.
Nobody around here is kidding about this — ABC News even had to reassure its readership that the news is not “a belated April Fool’s joke.”
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