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article imageISIS fighters complain of favoritism in picking suicide bombers

By Kesavan Unnikrishnan     May 30, 2015 in World
A report from a pro-Islamic State preacher from Russia’s Republic of Dagestan claims that ISIS is letting influential Saudis to manipulate suicide bomber waiting lists to favor them over militants from other regions.
The existence of a long waiting list for potential suicide bombers was revealed in a recent ISIS guidebook published online telling potential suicide bombers to be patient after their training period, as they’d have to deal with a long waiting list. As a result, militants are forced to spend months waiting for a suicide mission and are getting killed in battle — considered to be a less noble way to die.
Kamil Abu Sultan ad-Daghestani, a pro-Islamic State preacher from Dagestan, Russia, made the accusations in a recent post on the Russian language jihadi website Qonah claiming that rich Saudi militants are using their social connections to jump the queue ahead of Chechens.
Amir [Leader] Akhmed al-Shishani told me about a young lad who went to Iraq for a suicide mission, and he went there because in Sham [Syria] there is a very long queue of several thousand people. In Iraq, Those Saudis have got things sewn up, they won't let anyone in, they are letting their relatives go to the front of the line using connections.Well, what I say is, things can't be left as they are, we should complain to the caliph.
IS has been using its massively powerful suicide bombings as a scare tactic against its opponents. In its recent capture of Ramadi, it used upwards of 30 multi tonne car bombs on the final day of assault forcing the numerically superior Iraqi soldiers to withdraw. Experts say that IS was able to overwhelm once-thought formidable static defenses through a calculated and concentrated use of multiple multi tonne car bombs.
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