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article imageHalf of dead in Gaza airstrikes are women and children

By Ralph Lopez     Jul 13, 2014 in World
Palestinian Health Ministry reports say that at least half of the dead and wounded in the current Israeli bombing campaign aimed at Gaza are women and children. Gaza age demographics support the Ministry's assertions.
Today the reported casualties in the concerted Israeli attack reached a reported 166, with over a thousand Gazans wounded.
So far no Israelis have been killed in the rocket attacks that the Israeli government says Hamas is launching at Israel.
The UK Telegraph reported last week when the Gaza death count was 81:
"Israel's targeting of civilian homes has raised the death toll in Gaza to 81, most of them non-combatants and half of them women and children according to Gaza health ministry figures."
The age demographics of Gaza is one of the youngest in the world. Wikipedia, citing the CIA World Fact Book, lists nearly 45% of the Gaza population as under age 14.
0-14 years: 44.7% (male 343,988/female 325,856)
15-64 years: 52.7% (male 403,855/female 386,681)
65 years and over: 2.7% (male 16,196/female 23,626) (2008 est.)
Gaza child in 2011.
Gaza child in 2011.
On July 10 when deaths were reported at 64, roughly the same proportions held. The AFP said:
"On Wednesday, 29 Palestinians were killed, and Tuesday's toll stood at 21, bringing the total number of dead to 64. The dead include at least 10 women and 18 children, according to an AFP count based on medical reports."
An American doctor working with a medical team in Gaza has written an account of the bombing which indicates that it is random in nature. Dr. Mona El-Farra writes:
"The drones and jetfighters are in the sky and you cannot anticipate what will happen in next minute. Are they going to target a car behind you or in front of you? Will you be caught in the blast? Will others will be dying right that minute somewhere else? Will others will be forced to leave their home in 5 minutes only to be bombed 2 minutes later?...The shelling is continuous, crazy and everywhere. Warships fire missiles against the beach in Gaza City. Rafah town is under severe missile shelling, 10 people in Rafah were killed when their home was levelled to the ground by an American-made F16."
Dr. Mona El-Farra
Dr. Mona El-Farra
The Arab Daily News
In related news, a Danish journalist caused an uproar when he posted an image on Twitter showing Israelis sitting in chairs on a hilltop 2 kilometers from Gaza. The Israelis were cheering and clapping as they watched the bombs explode.
Israelis watching bombs fall in Gaza  to clapping and cheering.
Israelis watching bombs fall in Gaza, to clapping and cheering.
Alan Serensen
And in Turkey, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan suggested that Israel was not being truthful about Hamas rocket attacks. In an interview with Charlie Rose, Erdogan said it was not possible for Hamas to engage in an "arms race" with Israel, because all entrances to the territory were controlled by the Israeli Army.
American-made Israeli F-16s drop bombs on Gaza.
American-made Israeli F-16s drop bombs on Gaza.
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