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article imageOp-Ed: Does Dave Brat make Citizens United irrelevant? Primaries Tuesday

By Ralph Lopez     Aug 4, 2014 in World
[Note: This Tuesday, August 5th, primary elections are taking place in the states of Kansas, Missouri, Michigan, and Washington State, see end of article.]
If there was one thing they didn't expect, is that Dave Brat would win. Wonder Boy Eric Cantor, who rose through the GOP ranks like a meteor and became House Minority Leader at the age of 48, was if anything on his way to becoming the next Speaker.
Now the GOP is one Wonder Boy short.
What happened? The People happened. Karma's a b----.
One woman, a caller on a radio show, said she heard Brat at a candidate forum and called 18 of her friends. "He was so articulate" she said.
Articulate? An economics professor no less? Where have these guys been? It's about time.
Another woman told a reporter about Cantor:
“He did one thing in Washington and then tried to confuse us as to what he did when he came back to his district,”
Now what could she mean by that?
When the NDAA passed, which purports to allow the executive branch to arrest and detain any American without charge or trial, indefinitely, in the service of the "war on terror," Cantor and company tried to tell us it did not apply to American citizens.
Except it does. Obama even admitted it.
So they lied, using slick lawyer tricks. A conditional clause here, a double negative there.
In his victory speech the night he won, Brat told Virginia voters:
"What you proved tonight was dollars don't vote—you do,"
Now this Tuesday, incumbents who voted for this same atrocious, unconstitutional NDAA law face the voters in Kansas, Missouri, Michigan, and Washington State. If people in these states call 18 of their friends, the way the Brat supporter did, the incumbents' money doesn't mean anything.
That's because people power trumps money power, once the people decide to make it happen. Because we ain't so dumb after all.
Like I said, Eric, karma's a b----.
Races Against Incumbents Who voted for the NDAA detention provisions in the August 5th primaries: Kansas, Missouri, Washington State, and Michigan
Alan LaPolice vs. Rep. Tim Huelskamp, incumbent, 1st Congressional District, Republican primary (MAP)
Joshua Tucker vs. Rep. Lynn Jenkins, Incumbent, 2nd Congressional District, Republican primary (MAP)
Todd Tiahrt vs. Rep. Mike Pompeo, Incumbent, 4th Congressional District, Republican primary (MAP)
John Webb vs. Rep. Vicky Hartzler, Incumbent, 4th Congressional District, Republican primary (MAP)
Marshall Works vs. Rep. Billy Long, Incumbent, 7th Congressional District, Republican primary (MAP)
Washington State
Michael Delavar vs. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, Incumbent, 3rd Congressional District, Republican primary (MAP)
Don Rivers challenging Rep. Adam Smith, Incumbent, 9th Congressional District, in the Democratic primary (MAP)
Alan Arcand vs. Rep. Dan Benishek, Incumbent, 1st Congressional District, in the Republican primary (MAP)
Jim Bussler vs. Rep. Fred Upton, Incumbent, 6th Congressional District, in the Republican primary (MAP)
Douglas Radcliffe North vs. Rep. Tim Wahlberg, Incumbent, 7th Congressional District, in the Republican primary (MAP)
David Trott vs. Rep. Kerry Bentivolio, Incumbent, 11th Congressional District, in the Republican primary (MAP)
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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