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article imageOp-Ed: Clinton's scandalous email release shows her Machiavellian side

By John McAuliffe     Mar 26, 2016 in World
The recent Wikileaks release of Hillary Clinton's scandalous emails since her time as Secretary of State have unveiled her role in fostering major crises, namely the overthrow of Ghaddafi, the destabilization of Syria, and Israel's role in Syria's war.
Wikileaks released a vast trove of incriminating emails written by Hillary Clinton since her time as Secretary of State began in 2009, and they clearly show Hillary's role in fomenting widespread conflict throughout the Middle-East and North Africa for a variety of reasons, from securing oil contracts for the U.S. and its Western allies, to servicing Israel's military advantage over its neighbours. They also illustrate a much closer connection between the systematic destabilization of Libya, Egypt, Syria and efforts towards that end against Iran, exposing the "Arab Spring" as partially the result of a concerted American effort at reshaping the geopolitical structure of the Arab world, which involved the close cooperation of Israel, Turkey, the Kurds, Al-Jazeera, Google, Facebook, and others, all spearheaded by Hillary and her Machiavellian team of diplomats.
Muammar Ghaddafi, the ruler of Libya since 1969, was a close friend of the West for much of his time in power, but in 2011, the Arab Spring saw widespread public upheaval against his rule, a challenge which led to civil war. An email release shows that the conflict was less about a popular Libyan uprising than it was a multinational proxy war with various nations involved: "the situation is developing into a protracted civil war with various nations backing opposing sides." America's role in destabilizing Syria the same year has found to be less a coincidence of a popular "Arab Spring" uprising. According to the same email, Syrian forces were aiding Libyan forces by providing air support to their troops: "Syria is providing air support for Qaddafi." But why did Clinton hotly desire to see Ghaddafi overthrown? Many critics, though without much proof, often resorted to the argument that the war was about oil. Another Clinton email shows that precisely to have been the case. Clinton wrote that American, French and British support for the main opposition fighters, known as the National Transition Council (NTC), would guarantee them lucrative oil contracts in the event of their victory against Ghaddafi. The then French President Sarkozy and incumbent British Prime Minister Cameron expected their support for the rebel NTC to be rewarded with: "favourable contracts for French and British energy companies looking to play a major role in the Libyan oil industry." President Obama recently levelled the blame for Libya's current destitution at Europe, to which he attributed responsibility for the war, however, a Washington Post report now shows Hillary to have engaged in intense lobbying of European powers to engage in that war, with promises of generous rewards, thus undermining Obama's authority and strategic position while she was his Secretary of State. The report in the Washington Post shows Clinton to have played major European NATO members against each other, the consequences of which "nearly broke up the coalition." Although Obama's unprecedented criticism of European allies in his recent interview for The Atlantic was wrong, he may not have known what his own administration was doing. Clinton has kept the contents of many sensitive emails secret, prompting an investigation and possible indictment by the FBI.
When creating a climate conducive to civil war in Syria, companies Google and Al Jazeera were employed to help. Google launched a tool for tracking defections from government forces, ownership of which was passed to al-Jazeera in a partnership with Clinton's team of diplomats: "we are partnering with Al-Jazeera who will take primary ownership of the tool." The aim was to encourage "more to defect" and give "confidence to the opposition." Many critics of American foreign policy suspected it likely that Israel had a role to play in fomenting widespread war in the Arab world, however proof was scarcely available. The email leaks show Israel not only supported opposition forces but actively carried out operations to aid in their victory. "Israeli Military Intelligence officers, in discussions with their military commanders and the Office of the Prime Minister, have raised the possibility of trying to open covert links to various rebel Syrian forces" In conjunction with clandestine operations against Syria, Israel has periodically carried out air strikes against the country to further weaken government forces. Furthermore, despite actively working to topple him, Israeli leaders expressed concern about the removal of Assad, who ruled as a moderate and maintained Syria as a secular state. They are using this position to justify preparing for more warfare in the future: "these Israeli leaders are now drawing up contingency plans to deal with a regional structure where the new revolutionary regimes that take over the various countries will be controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood and possibly more problematic groups such as al Qa'ida, which doesn't bode well for the Israelis." In another email release, Hillary expressed enthusiasm for the Syrian war to spread to Iran: "the fall of the House of Assad could well ignite a sectarian war between the Shiites, and the majority Sunnis of the region drawing in Iran, which, in the view of Israeli commanders would not be a bad thing for Israel and its Western allies."
The "Arab Spring" did not extend to Iran, however the email releases show Hillary to be intently focused on Iran's possible involvement in the new wave of warfare. She has long shown hostility against Iran, even as Obama's administration repaired relations. This reflects her fixated support for all things relating to Israeli foreign policy, which she recently illustrated in her speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. In an article on her AIPAC speech, I interpret her policy suggestions as a plan for a 10-year war around the Middle-East in which the U.S. and Israel are the protagonists. Worryingly, however, Clinton also expressed grave hostility against the international community, including the UN Security Council, thus cementing her militaristic ambitions as purely a bilateral U.S.-Israeli adventure. Her speech also levelled immense hostility against Iran, suggesting reapplying old sanctions and enforcing new ones, a position that runs contrary to fellow Democrat Obama's position. The relevance of her hostility against Iran has been given a broader and more detailed context in the Wikileaks email releases. Evidently, from the above quote, a war encompassing Iran is seen as a positive development by Clinton and her team. Therefore, the 10 year war plan highlighted in Clinton's speech may have had its origins at the time of Syria's civil war. Email releases show her discussing the strategic details of when Israel can and cannot attack Iran, what Israel may or may not be blamed for if they do, and what targets they should strike. It is important to note that she was also aware of European disapproval at such prospects: "looking at the tensions between Israel and Iran as part of the overall situation in the region, these European heads of state are receiving reporting indicating that if Israel were to attack the Iranian nuclear facilities at this time it would only exacerbate relations with their neighbors. In addition, such an attack may lead to further deterioration in the world economy, which would in turn be blamed on Israel."
"These indivdivals (European intelligence sources) also advise that an Israeli attack against Iran would immediately serve to undermine this situation, turning the populaton against Israel, the United States, and Western Europe in support of their rulers, both Islamic and Secular." The plot thickens in the same email, which appears to suggest possible Israeli usage of a Saudi Arabian military air base to conduct air strike sorties against Iran, however it also suggests that the reason Israel has not taken advantage of the widespread chaos in Middle-Eastern countries to attack Iran is because it is unprepared for a full-scale war against the country: "At present, considering that Israel is not prepared for an all out war with Iran, they may well continue to threaten action, giving the impression they are serious about pursuing aggresive Iranian anti-nuclear efforts. One way to do that is to update weapon systems; secure an air base in Saudi Arabia that would suggest a staging ground for an eventual attack, then "leak" the word to the media that their are eminent plans to carry out a bombing raid and do everything possible to persuade the world they mean business." This point further explains Hillary's proposals in her AIPAC speech to bolster Israeli military equipment, funding and preparedness before escalating hostilities with Iran, but it also strongly suggests that a Clinton presidency would see the U.S. dragged into a war with Israel against Iran.
The Wikileaks releases contain thousands of emails laced with highly sensitive details pertaining to America's foreign policy, and Clinton's and Israel's contradictory, bilateral foreign policy, which jeopardizes the safety of America and the stability of the entire Middle-East and North Africa. It quite seriously illustrates a stark divergence between Obama's and Clinton's positions, even as they worked in the same administration. Proof highlighted in this article shows Clinton to have actively undermined Obama's position by fomenting war either to secure oil contracts or to serve Israeli interests at the expense of American security. Although the public has thus far been given minor details as to why the FBI announced it could indict Clinton over the email scandal, the Wikileaks releases expose a much deeper reasoning for the move. Ultimately, a Clinton presidency would pose a strategic nightmare for the U.S. and the entire world. A massive war against Iran seems to be on the cards, which would lead to chaos not yet seen in the region. It would be detrimental to European security, which has suffered a major blow in recent terror attacks in Paris and Belgium. Worse yet, Israel's lack of preparedness in a war against Iran also bodes ill for America's chances at victory. The Iranian military is one of the most advanced and well equipped in the Middle-East, and would likely entrap the U.S. in a drawn out war for decades, not just the "10 years" Clinton passingly recommended in her AIPAC speech in reference to a bilateral military commitment to Israel. Furthermore, the technological superiority Iran has over former American nemeses Al Qaeda and the Taliban make it much more capable of retaliatory covert strikes against the U.S. homeland. These emails portray Clinton as a classic Machiavellian villain in the modern sense, meaning evil, sinister and conspiratorial, but the real Niccolò Machiavelli, were he alive today, would likely perceive Clinton's blundering lust for war, her servitude to Israel and her hostility towards old allies and the UN Security council as dangerously inept and strategically incompetent.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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