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China blocks The Guardian

By Cameron Christner     Jan 10, 2014 in World
The Guardian newspaper's website has been blocked in China without warning or any clear indication as to why. However, some claim they can access the website without any problems.
The website was first blocked on Tuesday, discovered by the Chinese anti-censorship website
The majority of attempts to access The Guardian website failed without special firewall-circumventing software.
However, tablets and other mobile devices were exempt from the block, and some commenters on The Guardian website claim that they can access the website just fine via computer, while others say access is more sporadic.
The Chinese government is known to block websites they deem a threat. The New York Times and Bloomberg websites have been blocked in China since 2012, after articles were published about investigations into the massive amounts of wealth acquired by senior leaders.
But unlike these examples, The Guardian had not published a story criticizing the Chinese, at least not in any way that may be perceived as a threat.
There was an article published on January 6 about the ethnic division in the Xinjiang region, but other news agencies had covered the story without any backlash.
Whatever the reason may be, it is still unclear whether the block will be permanent. Reuters and the Wall Street Journal were similarly blocked in November, but were reopened after about a month.
Chinese government spokeswoman Hua Chunying claimed ignorance, saying, "This is the first time I have heard of this."
The Guardian also released a statement saying, "We are investigating the extent of the block and hope that access to our website will return to normal in the very near future."
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