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article imageChadian troops free hostages after clash with Boko Haram

By Justin King     Aug 18, 2014 in World
N'djamena - The Boko Haram conducted another mass abduction earlier this month. Troops from Chad clashed with the Boko Haram militants near the Nigerian border, killing most of the fighters and freeing most of the hostages.
The abduction took place on August 10th, and roughly 90 people were taken prisoner by the Jihadist group now famous for its abduction of 200 Nigerian schoolgirls earlier this year. The recent abductions occurred in Doron Baga, and the captives were forced onto speed boats in the waters of Lake Chad. Lake Chad is a hotbed of Boko Haram activity and in March a large cache of weapons was discovered in the area.
Somewhere along the Chad-Nigeria border around August 15th, the Boko Haram fighters fell victim to a security checkpoint prepared by Chadian soldiers. The Jihadists were almost completely wiped out in the firefight and 85 hostages were freed.
Neither government will officially confirm the battle, but Muhammed Gava of a vigilante group targeting the Boko Haram confirmed the reports. Groups like Gava’s have formed all over the country because locals feel the Nigerian government is not doing enough to quell the Boko Haram’s insurgency. The Nigerian President vowed “total war” against the group back in May, but government activities have produced few tangible results.
The Christian community of Nigeria has repeatedly asked the world for help. Elder Olaiya Phillips said
We know only too well the many horrendous crimes committed against the Christian community in Northern Nigeria, and also of the crimes committed against our Moslem neighbours by the same people.
It upsets me to highlight that the innocents of Buni Yadi were not the first [set of] children whose lives have been cut short at the hands of these terrorists. And the soul-destroying fact is that, judging by the present security situation in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe, they might not be the last. Boko Haram is sucking lifeblood from our nation. A generation that ought to take our nation forward to a better future is being cut down and taken away from us.
The insurgency began in 2009 and the Boko Haram have conducted increasingly violent and bold attacks ranging from bombings to jail breaks, but the group gained notoriety with its mass abduction operations and are likely to continue them. Over 3600 were killed in the first four years of the war. 4000 have been killed this year alone.
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