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article imageCambodia's Prime Minister refusing to pay $5,000 boxing bet

By Brian Booker     May 6, 2015 in Sports
Apparently, Cambodian strong-man Hun Sen isn't the type of leader who puts his money where his mouth is. He placed a $5,000 bet on the Mayweather-Pacquiao match, but is refusing to pay up.
The Prime Minister alleges that the boxing match was rigged, and claims that American judges handed Mayweather the fight.
According to Hun Sen, the judges secretly undermined Pacquiao, owing to his Filipino citizenship, and favored Mayweather because he's an American.
Hun Sen said, “Fighting on their (American) land, they would not allow us to win unless Floyd was beaten to death.”
The Prime Minister has suggested that a rematch be held on more “neutral” ground, such as China.
The comments came during a speech to commemorate the National Road 55 in the rural Pursat province.
In spite of the fact that the Prime Minister was supposed to be celebrating his countries achievements, he couldn't help but spend approximately 15 minutes decrying alleged American influence in the judging.
Hun Sen also says he knows “America clearly now,” owing to the outcome of the match.
Hun Sen also claims that he is refusing to pay up his bet in an act of protest and solidarity with the people of the Philippines.
Most sports analysts, however, have acknowledged that Mayweather won the fight, at least from a technical standpoint.
Mayweather landed 148 punches vs Pacquiao's 81. The disparity also held up in power punches landed, with Mayweather landing 81 to Pacquiao's 63.
Some analysts and commentators, however, are alleging that something was amiss. Apparently, the judges mixed up which corner the fighters were in. Some believe that the judges were actually trying to award rounds and points to Pacquiao, rather than Mayweather.
It should also be noted that Pacquiao is claiming he fought with an injured shoulder and was denied an anti-inflammatory drug.
Hun Sen has held Cambodia's prime minister office since 1998, and has ruled all but unchallenged. Critics charge that the prime minister is corrupt and has abused in power in office.
Cambodia ranks 139 out of 180 countries in terms of freedom of the press (higher scores are worse).
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