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article imageBlack residents protect white-owned store in Ferguson

By William Suphan     Nov 30, 2014 in World
Ferguson - Racism was transcended in Ferguson when four armed black men stood their ground to protect a white-owned store from looters.
Among the maelstrom of looting, rioting, and police brutality, four men set a good example for humanity. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, four men with firearms stood in front of a Conoco gas station and fended off people who were trying to loot the store.
Derrick "Stretch" Jordan, 37 and 6' 8", armed with an AR-15, and three others, armed with rifles and pistols were former employees of Doug Merello, who owns the gas station. One of the men, named R.J., said of Merello, "He’s a nice dude, he’s helped us a lot."
This act of selflessness and solidarity bore stark contrast to reports that painted citizens of Ferguson as being only united by their skin color and desire to damage property and steal. It seems the situation was not so black and white after all.
They fended off several groups of looters and were joined from time to time by other residents. None of them were paid to be there.
At one point they were mistaken for looters by the National Guard, who had cuffed one man until they were told by Merello that these men were helping him, not hurting him.
Racism has been a serious issue in Ferguson as it went from being nearly all white to about two-thirds black. Numerous reports of white cops targeting black citizens have come forth over the years, but were largely ignored until the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. This situation is also fanning the flames of a movement to require police to wear body-cams at all times, which would greatly reduce the ambiguity often associated with abuse of power issues regarding the police.
Merello was extremely grateful to these men, saying. "We would have been burned to the ground many times over if it weren’t for them!"
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