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18 members of Gaza family killed in Israeli strike

By Brett Wilkins     Jul 13, 2014 in World
Gaza - Eighteen members of one family were among the 52 Palestinians killed by Israeli air strikes on Saturday, the bloodiest day of the five-day war against Islamic resistance fighters who continue to fire rockets at the Jewish state.
Israel's bombing of the home of Gaza Police Chief Tayseer al-Batsh in the Tuffah district of Gaza City killed 18 members of the chief's extended family, including women and children as young as 10. Fifty others were wounded in the attack.
The members of the al-Batsh family killed in the strike are:
1. Anas Alla’a al-Batsh, 10
2. Qusai Isam al-Batsh, 12
3. Manar Majed al-Batsh, 13
4. Muhammad Isam al-Batsh, 17
5. Ibrahim Majed al-Batsh,18
6. Yahyia Ala’a al-Batsh, 18
7. Khaled Majed al-Batsh, 20
8. Zakaria Ala’a al-Batsh, 20
9. Mahmoud Majed al-Batsh, 22
10. Marwa Majed al-Batsh, 25
11. Jalal Majed al-Batsh, 26
12. Ahmed Neman al-Batsh, 27
13. Baha’a Majed al-Batsh, 28
14. Nahed Naim al-Batsh, 41
15. Amal Hassan al-Batsh, 49
16. Aziza Yousef al-Batsh, 59
17. Majed Subhi al-Batsh
18. Qusai Ala’a al-Batsh
Chief al-Batsh survived the attack and is reportedly in critical condition.
WARNING: The following video contains graphic image of the aftermath of the Israeli strike on the al-Batsh home.
Earlier in the day, an Israeli air strike targeted a clinic for disabled adults, killing two disabled women who were unable to escape after Israeli forces warned them of impending attack with a "knock on the roof." Killed were Suha Abu Saada, 47, and Ola Wishaa, 30.
Two mosques, which Israel claims were used by militants to hide rockets and other weapons, were also bombed.
Israeli forces launched a small ground incursion into Gaza early on Sunday to destroy a long-range missile site used by Hamas to attack Israel. Four Israeli soldiers were reportedly "lightly injured" in the raid, which officials called successful.
Still, rockets launched by Hamas and other Islamic militant resistance groups continued to cause property damage and terror throughout Israel.
But the vast majority of destruction — and all of the death — are occurring in Gaza, where officials now count more than 160 people killed. No Israelis have been killed.
On Friday, the United Nations said that 77 percent of those killed in Israel's Operation Protective Edge have been civilians.
An Israeli military spokesman blamed "Hamas terrorists" for the high Palestinian civilian death toll.
"Hamas terrorists systematically exploit and choose to put Palestinians in harm's way and continue to locate their positions among civilian areas and mosques, proving once more their disregard for human life and holy sites," Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said.
In addition to the dead, more than 900 Gazans have been wounded in Israeli strikes. Medical facilities are overwhelmed. And looming large is the threat of a full-scale Israeli ground invasion. Early on Sunday, Israeli forces dropped leaflets warning residents of northern Gaza to evacuate in preparation for what it called a "short and temporary" invasion.
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) says it has struck more than 1,100 targets in Gaza, including Hamas command centers, rocket launch sites, weapons manufacturing centers and armories.
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