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article imageOp-Ed: Freedom From Religion Foundation has gotten out of hand

By Zachary Stallings     Aug 14, 2014 in World
Over the past month the atheist group known as the Freedom From Religion Foundation has been going after very small, nonabrasive signs of Christianity; suing a privately owned restaurant and even going after the U.S. Navy.
Now atheists have every right to say and feel whatever way they want about religion, but at some point there has to be a time where they should just let certain things go.
The Freedom From Religion Foundation (an atheist group) threatened to sue a local mom and pop restaurant in North Carolina for offering a discount to customers that prayed before their meal. Now, whether the atheist group would have won the lawsuit or even had a case is irrelevant, because the owner backed down and stopped the discount.
The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent the owner of the restaurant this letter: "promotional practice favors religious customers, and denies customers who do not pray and non believers the right to 'full and equal' enjoyment to Mary's Gourmet Dinner." Now there is a simple solution for the atheist that have a problem with the discount....just don't eat there.
Mary Haglund (the owner of Mary's Gourmet dinner) has every right to offer whatever type of discount she wants; it's a privately-owned business. It's not like Mary is saying atheists cannot eat at her establishment. If the Freedom From Religion Foundation wants to complain about this harmless discount, are they going to complain about senior citizen discounts as well, since they're not getting "full and equal" enjoyment seeing as they're not seniors?
Freedom From Religion Foundation
Freedom From Religion Foundation
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The FFRF has even gone as far as to request the U.S. Navy to remove the bibles in their lodges around the world. The FFRF stated in a letter that "providing bibles to guest in Navy-run hotels amount to an endorsement of religious text." Now the same thing applies here, if you don't want to read the bible then don't read it.
Saying that providing bibles is an endorsement of religious text is ridiculous — the bibles are simply there for those people who are bible-believing Christians; nothing more nothing less.
This FFRF request is also disrespectful to the men and women of the Navy, the same men and women that defend the the FFRF's right to complain about these frivolous things. The bibles are simply there to give those men and women that are believers a chance to read a book that is a part of their lives while they're away from home.
The FFRF has every right to complain and express their opinion on these matters, but in the end thats all they really should do. Threatening to sue a small restaurant and requesting that bibles be removed from hotels is ridiculous. No one is forcing atheist to take place in religious activities they don't want to be apart of, so until that time the FFRF should just let it go and give it a rest.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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