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article imageVideo: Marco Rubio builds his platform in bid for presidency

By Walter McDaniel     Jun 26, 2014 in Politics
Marco Rubio is building a platform around conservatives as well as single mothers, working families and fresh college graduates. Can he stack up to the many strong competitors he will be facing?
Florida Senator Marco Rubio believes he has a chance at becoming our next president. Rubio was born in Miami, Florida after his parents came over from Cuba. Part of his platform also involves immigrant rights since his own grandfather had problems with immigration.
As with any senator reactions to his tenure have been mixed. Some claim that he is telling residents to turn Florida into a flood land. He also gained some praise for his denunciation of the Cuban state. His speech against oppression in Cuba garnered him many fans.
So what are Rubio's chances in the long run? Some at the FiveThirtyEight do not give him a good shot, mentioning the fact that people are not terribly excited about him.
This may be in part that he is calling for a "new era" in Politico but has many of the same promises on Social Security, Health Care and the U.S. Tax System that others have promised previously and not delivered on. Skepticism is one opponent that he cannot physically debate.
Despite some skepticism Rubio has seen some results so far from his Twitter campaign. His engagement on there has been quite significant and at the time of this writing he had 623K followers. He also gets decent engagement on retweets as well. Even with numbers like that he is competing with people such as Hilary Clinton with 1.54 million followers and hundreds of retweets on each post. This is assuming he makes it in as the Republican candidate.
As far as having a media reputation Marco Rubio has made an impact even here on Digital Journal. He is known well enough in political circles that he could definitely make a bid for nomination without much trouble. He also has a penchant for the dramatic as you can see in the attached video.
At least in the United States these are characteristics that anyone pushing for the presidency needs. Qualities may not be enough considering that the previously mentioned Clinton is one prospective sparring partner for him. He has his work cut out if he wants to overcome the large number of challengers fighting for the spot.
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