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article imageUS Senators introduce bill to reathorize Venezuela sanctions

By Ken Hanly     Dec 7, 2019 in Politics
Washington D.c. - US Senators Marco Rubio a Republican and Bob Mendez a Democrat introduced a reauthorization of the euphemistically titled "Venezuela Defence of Human Rights and Civil Society Act"that passed in 2014 and was reauthorized in 2016.
The bill resulted in targeted sanctions on the Nicolaris Maduro government in Veneuzela. The reauthorization would extend current sanctions on Venezuela that were first passed by president Obama for another 2 years.The entire bill can be found here.
Senator Menendez said: “Now is not the time for the international community to give up on the Venezuelan people; now is the time to be consistent, bold and forward-thinking in crafting a diplomatic strategy that increases international pressure on Maduro and helps forge a peaceful and democratic solution to this crisis."
Scandals tarnishing credibility of coup leader Juan Guaido fail to weaken US support
Among other issues Guaido is expected to have worked with the US and Exxon Mobil: "Caracas, Venezuela. September 6th, 2019. Prosecutors in the Venezuelan government said on Friday they plan to charge opposition leader Juan Guiado who in late April attempted what many experts say was coup, with high treason after acquiring audio evidence that suggests a conspiracy with Exxon Mobil and the United States."
Guaido associates have also been charged with absconding with aid funds:"A new investigation has exposed members of Venezuelan coup leader Juan Guaidó’s inner circle for embezzling tens of thousands of dollars designated for humanitarian aid and spending it on luxury goods and lavish accommodations for themselves. Guaidó had been aware of the fraud for weeks and stubbornly defended his cohorts until a leak from Colombian intelligence forced him to acknowledge the scandal."
There are a number of other scandals as well so many that even the anti-Maduro Organization of American States (OAS) is launching an investigation. A recent article concludes; "It is hard to see how an already deflated Guaidó will be able to recover from this massive blow to his credibility as a self-proclaimed reformer. While Guaidó’s support in the streets of Venezuela is rapidly deteriorating, the Trump administration has yet to address the scandal and continues to voice strong support for their man in Caracas."
Yet Mendez, Rubio and other US Senators continue with the view that US sanctions are the route to providing Venezuela "democratic order and the rule of law and a peaceful democratic solution to the crisis" Yet the US is supporting a coup against the democratically elected Maduro. However, the US along with many other countries reject the elections.
A recent article notes that there were more than a hundred international observers who claimed the election was quite legitimate:"Whether he had any right to declare the re-election of Maduro illegitimate, one that was confirmed free and clear of corruption by a corps of over 100 international election observers, and whether he had any right to declare himself Interim President, are questions that have gone unanswered by pro-Guaido politicians in Washington. "
.Maduro has survived so far
UN economists estimates that US sanctions and other economic weapons used against the Maduro government have caused more than 40,000 deaths by starvation and deprivation since US sanctions began. While Maduro has dropped in approval ratings US actions have also galvanized a large core of supporters including in the military who have strongly supported Maduro and opposed US actions.
Guaido's attempts at protests to overthrow Maduro have failed miserably as have attempts to get the military to change sides. Yet numerous countries including Canada continue to support Guaido no doubtful fearful of making the US angry at them.
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