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article imageTory MPs vow to block David Cameron's promises to Scotland

By Mathew Wace Peck     Sep 16, 2014 in Politics
David Cameron's own MPs have pledged to block his promise to Scotland to continue high levels of funding for the country "if" it rejects independence.
The leaders of the UK's three main political parties — David Cameron (Conservative party), Ed Miliband (Labour Party) and Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat Party) — today signed the joint pledge, referred to by them as "The Vow."
However, the Daily Telegraph reports that members of Cameron's Conservative Party, which currently runs the government of the United Kingdom, have made their own "Vow": to block his promise.
According to the Daily Telegraph, one unnamed female Tory MP warned of a "bloodbath" for the Prime minister if he tried to keep good his promise to the Scottish people in the event that they do as he says and vote "No" in this week's independence referendum.
“There will be a bloodbath," she tells the paper. "Last night, I was listening to Cameron saying we are going to be providing all these additional benefits to Scotland, when we are struggling in so many areas of the UK."
Speaking further, she accused her party leader of making things up as he went along: “It’s all happening on the hoof, in cliquey conversations on telephones in Downing Street."
Claiming to be speaking for a number of her Tory party colleagues, she added that they would not let the government hand more power and money to Scotland. "It isn’t happening," the paper reports the MP as saying. "There are a number of us who are incensed who will make sure it isn’t going to happen. But let’s see what the results are first.”
Meanwhile, the Telegraph reports another Tory MP as agreeing that it would be "easier if Scotland votes for independence" as it would resolve what role Scottish MPs would have in the Westminster Parliament and in the UK government — an increasingly contentious issue ever since Scotland was first granted devolved powers during Tony Blair's time in office.
“Whatever the outcome on the day, there are significant constitutional implications," the paper reports him as saying. "If it’s a No vote, having seen the promise of Devo Max it’s absolutely essential that there is a new settlement for England."
Yes Scotland summed up the situation thus: "As No camp makes vow to Scotland, already Westminster MPs prepare to block more powers"; while Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond described "The Vow" as a "last-minute desperate offer of nothing."
Reported by the Independent, Salmond had been speaking on BBC Radio Scotland. During the interview, he said it would not "dissuade people in Scotland from the huge opportunity of taking Scotland's future into Scotland's hands this coming Thursday."
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