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article imageOp-Ed: Too much baggage grounds Clinton's campaign jet

By Larry Clifton     May 24, 2016 in Politics
Washington - Whether you support her or consider Clinton the political equivalent of Bonnie, as in Bonnie and Clyde, one thing is clear, even to those unwilling to admit.
Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for the presidency is an abysmal failure at every level, not unlike her entire political career. She never had to be likable, however, candidates who aren't likable better have some redeeming qualities to balance that out. What redeeming qualities does Hillary Clinton have to that end? Exactly.
Beyond her cackling speeches that Wall Street has paid her millions of dollars for, other than that clownish laugh and under those custom Capt. Kangaroo coats, there is only disdain for truth and a conscious-less, ruthless quest for money and power. Whether she’s giving a speech for a few hundred thousand dollars to a group of Wall Street barons or giving a speech to a group of Joe and Mary Sixpacks condemning Wall Street barons, it’s a big lie. She doesn’t believe anything, she conjures and conspires.
However, Clinton is no longer able to drag her legal and political baggage along - and it's getting heavier every day. Whatever one thinks of Donald Trump, his tagging her “Crooked Hillary” is just about right, and will stick.
Hillary is the devil that many thought they knew but didn’t. For example, who thought that Bernie Sanders would be threatening her in California in late May? Exactly. She’s that bad of a political candidate. Early on, her supporters thought her experience as Secretary of State would catapult her into the White House come 2016. Instead, Clinton is the Benghazi Queen, the one who let our heroes die in an unfortified house in Libya then blamed it on an anti-Muslim video that few in the world had seen or heard about. It felt like Bill Clinton blaming Pizza Hut for the Monica Lewinsky affair instead of denying the whole thing until he was reelected, except Americans died.
Clinton’s current national security scandal focusing on her home-brewed computer server is providing a perpetual conveyor belt of baggage leading to her campaign jet. Whether the last FBI-heavy bag will fit on the plane is yet to be seen - and if so, whether it will get off the ground. Indictment or not, Clinton aides are scrambling to make room in her scandal-laden campaign even as she laughs the FBI investigation off as inconsequential, like the great right-wing conspiracy of the 90s that was Monica Lewinsky. The Clintons believe they are invincible; they don't know the difference between lying about women and lying about national security. That's a huge problem.
Yesterday, we learned that Virginia governor and close Clinton aide Terry McAuliffe, who also ran the DNC and both Clinton campaigns at one time, is under FBI and Justice Department investigations in connection with the Clinton Global Initiative, a so called not-for-profit fundraising organization created by Bill Clinton. At the same time Hillary Clinton’s top aides are being questioned not only about their role in Hillary’s email scandal, but matters concerning the Clinton Foundation, another political money pit. Voters weary of two decades filled with Clinton scandals are beginning to sort things out and the writing on the wall is coming into focus for many.
Some Democrats will continue to cling to some version of Hillary’s "there is no there, there" defense, but diehard supporters aren’t enough to deliver Hillary a fresh set of keys to the White House. She must bring in millions of Sanders supporters, raised-brow Independents and just about all African-Americans, who she frankly takes for granted. Unfortunately, for her campaign, all polls point to a demoralized and divided Democratic Party. Meanwhile, “Crooked Hillary” is the new “Tricky Dick” of American politics.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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