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article imageSisi: Without U.S. aid Egypt may become another Afghanistan

By Paul Iddon     May 15, 2014 in Politics
Egypt's Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has called on the United States to resume giving its military aid to enable Egypt to fight Islamists in order to prevent Egypt from becoming a new Afghanistan in the Middle East.
Reuters reports that Mr. Sisi made these comments in his first interview with an international news organization before the upcoming elections in his country later this month.
Sisi contends that the United States needs to resume giving Egypt $1.3 billion worth of military aid a year. Aid which has been frozen since Mr. Sisi in his capacity as an army chief ousted the Muslim Brotherhood's President Mohammed Morsi and proceeded to instigate a crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist groups.
He said, "We are fighting a war against terrorism," before elaborating by saying that,
"The Egyptian army is undertaking major operations in the Sinai so it is not transformed into a base for terrorism that will threaten its neighbors and make Egypt unstable. If Egypt is unstable then the entire region is unstable."
He then added, "We need American support to fight terrorism, we need American equipment to use to combat terrorism."
As reported here the U.S. has made a partial exception to its frozen aid. That being its providing to the Egyptian Army of AH-64 Apache helicopter gunships to aid the Egyptian Army in its campaign against Islamist insurgents in the Sinai Peninsula.
Sisi added that Egypt's neighbor Libya has fallen into chaos following the 2011 Libyan Revolution which toppled Muammar Gadaffi. Now he says Libya is a major threat to Egypt with Islamist Jihadists crossing the border to attack Egyptian security forces.
As Ahram Online reported earlier this month Mr. Sisi has said that the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Khairat El-Shater, "threatened on 23 June, 2013 that fighters from Libya, Syria and Afghanistan will enter the country if anything happens to Islamist president Mohammed Morsi. I told him that I will make anyone who raises arms against Egypt [will] disappear from the face of the earth."
On that occasion he claimed it is taking long to clamp down on the Islamist fighters in the Sinai since his forces wish to make sure no harm befalls "women, children and the elderly," caught in the crossfire there.
In the more recent interview he said in relation to the events of July 3 that, "The more time passes the more the vision gets clearer to everyone. People and the world realize that what happened in Egypt was the will of all of the Egyptian people."
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