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article imageSaudi Arabia is considering some form of ceasefire in Yemen

By Ken Hanly     Oct 5, 2019 in Politics
A couple of weeks ago the Houthis who control much of northern Yemen offer to stop missile and drone attacks on Saudi Arabia if Saudi Arabia ceased such attacks on Yemen. However, up until now there has been no sign of the Saudis agreeing to a cease fire.
Saudis contemplating some form of ceasefire
This week there are reports that the Saudis welcome the Houthi move and that they are considering some form of ceasefire in an attempt to de-escalate the conflict. The war is over four years old and is described by the UN as the world's worst humanitarian disaster that has pushed the already poverty stricken state to the brink of widespread famine.
Efforts to resolve the war complicated
Previous attempts at peace talks have been derailed by the previous government of Mansour Hadi that the Saudis support and have been attempting to re-install. The UN has endorsed them as the rightful government of Yemen even though much of the north including the capital Sanaa is under the control of the rebel Houthis who are supported by Iran. The Hadi government insists that it be restored to power and the Houthis disarmed as part of any deal. Of course this is a non-starter for the Houthis. At present president Hadi is living in exile in Saudi Arabia
Both the Saudis and its allies may hope to end the war
The war has killed tens of thousands with the Saudis being criticized for airstrikes that have caused many civilian casualties. The Saudi coalition has not been successful in defeating the Houthis. Also, a conflict has broken out within the Saudi coalition itself with southern separatists backed the UAE taking control of the port of Aden and some surrounding territory. The separatists seek in the end a separate southern independent state not a unified state under the control of Hadi as the Saudis want.
Apparently Houthi strikes on Saudi Arabia have decreased. The Saudi idea of a partial ceasefire is so far quite lacking in any specific details. The Houthis claim that they want an overall deal as a recent article reports: "But Houthi officials have said a partial deal is unacceptable. “What is required is a complete cessation of air strikes in all of Yemen and an end to the siege on the Yemeni people,” the Houthi information minister said." The Houthis warn that if their peace initiative does not receive a positive response there will be increased attacks on Saudi Arabia itself. The Houthis claimed responsibility for the attacks on Saudi oil infrastructure although others such as the US blame the attack on Iran.
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