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article imageRich college presidents linked to poorer teachers, students

By Ryan Hite     May 19, 2014 in Politics
It is recognized that the high pay of corporate CEOs is connected to the low pay of the employees. Did you know that public universities are exactly the same? They are, according to a recent study.
Millions of college students are concerned about the burdensome student debts that could set them behind financially for decades to come. Instead of looking at this situation to fate, people need to look at the way the university system is set up. The most glaring problem would be the increasing pay of administrators. This is the reason that all of the college students are in so much debt.
A new report from the Institute for Policy Studies looks at the salaries of top administrators at many of the public universities around the country and draws some very interesting conclusions that any graduates of these schools with high debt loads will not be surprised to know. The most fundamental of these is that high pay of university presidents goes hand in hand with lower pay for faculty members and higher student debt on average.
The report says in summary that the highest paid college presidents are the ones that have the most student debt overall. Administrative spending went up faster than scholarship spending at many of these schools. In addition to this, pay for part time faculty members who have tenure went up at the same token. It seems that the people at the top are paid the most for doing the least amount of work at the expense of the students who have to pay increasingly high tuition.
The list of the top ones is not a list of the largest state universities, nor is it a list of the best state universities. It would be more accurate to call it a list of state universities that are extremely poor at managing the money that the students pay it. Across America, many faculty members cannot make much of a living wage and student debt continues to go up. On the other hand, the administrators and the coaches make salaries into the millions.
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