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article imageReview: 'The Truth About Immigration' Special

By Alexander Baron     Jan 9, 2014 in Politics
Southampton - This hour long documentary may be called "The Truth About Immigration", but it doesn't tell even half the truth, especially about the demonisation of whiteness.
Immigration has always been a controversial topic in the UK, but all discussion of it has been suppressed by the tyranny of political correctness in its myriad manifestations, most notably the organised left and their plethora of "anti-racist" front organisations. None of that gets a mention herein; the nearest we come to that is the reaction to Enoch Powell's so-called rivers of blood speech in 1968. In fact, Powell said no such thing; he was a classical scholar whose allusion to the River Tiber was lost - both out of ignorance and wilfulness - on a wider audience.
In 2008, the BBC ran a short White Season, but even that failed to mention the real issues. It should then come as no surprise that the same desideratum manifests here. Immigration is considered purely or almost purely as an economic issue: businessmen want free immigration without which the economy will stagnate, while the lower classes are terrified of losing their jobs to those who will undercut them. As this programme is presented by the BBC's current Political Editor Nick Robinson, there are no prizes for guessing on which side it comes down. In the past, ordinary decent white Britons have been portrayed as racist scum and worse for even daring to raise their voices against uncontrolled immigration from Asia, African and elsewhere. They have been persecuted not only by the race zealots but by increasingly repressive laws; the mass media especially TV, has become a bedrock of brainwashing, wherein even the most bucolic of soap operas must have its own ethnic contingent, not to mention the village gay, something that clearly doesn't go down too well with Britain's Moslems.
Now, suddenly, after decades of hysteria and edicts from on high about the wicked anti-immigrant lobby, it is not considered unreasonable to express concern about it provided the word race is not mentioned.
A little thought will show how ludicrous is the claim that immigration is always and only beneficial, because if it were then we should all emigrate, everyone in the world. The reality is that immigrants are almost always unwelcome and far from universally beneficial, as the original inhabitants of the American continent discovered to their cost. With regard to the UK, some are clearly more beneficial than others while a few are anything but. Are destitute Roma who beg and steal on the streets of London really cut from the same cloth as wealthy investors from the Middle East or the Asian businessmen who have made curry a national dish?
Opposition to the latest wave is coming not simply from white Britons but from non-whites who have likewise seen through the smokescreen. Robinson visits a school in Southampton where the pupils speak no fewer than 42 languages including two dialects of Zulu. This is beneficial how?
The weakest economic argument comes from the strawberry farmer who says that unless he can obtain a ready supply of cheap seasonal labour, he will go out of business. How about instead of sweated labour the authorities use offenders, either those given community service orders or low risk prisoners serving short sentences who might find a few weeks work on the minimum wage makes a nice supplement to a meagre discharge grant?
The issue that is not mentioned in this programme is the broader one of what might be called ethnic identity. You may have heard of an organisation called Survival International. One of their current campaigns is for the bushmen of Southern Africa whose identity, indeed whose very survival, is under threat. Anyone who made a similar claim about the peoples of these islands would be pounced on as racist, and therein lies the real issue and the real problem. Immigration may be an economic issue at the individual level, but it should be much more than that for governments.
The Truth About Immigration is currently on BBC iplayer, but won't be for much longer.
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