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article imageReview: Stefan Molyneux on Karl Marx

By Alexander Baron     Jan 16, 2014 in Politics
This is an interesting and amusing 40 minute rant against the man who founded what is arguably the greatest religion of our age.
This polemic was uploaded to YouTube by the Canadian Libertarian on January 11, and has achieved a fair number of views. As videos go, this one speaks for itself. Rather than discussing Marxism in any depth, it focuses on Karl Marx the man, and what a horrible man he was in every sense of the word: physically, spiritually and personally.
Molyneux is of course far from the first person to note this, but he makes a few observations that have been written out of history by the great man's apologists. No, not his racism and anti-Semitism, but the way he treated the workers his followers claim he will liberate.
Marx died in London where he spent the latter part of his life researching at the British Museum Library, as it then was. This is his seat below.
A photograph of the seat used by Karl Marx. Taken by Alexander Baron c1991.
A photograph of the seat used by Karl Marx. Taken by Alexander Baron c1991.
it is not necessary to agree with everything Molyneux says to share his thesis, namely that the geezer was double bad news. Most of the left have probably realised that by now, so they have moved away from his crackpot economic theories to attempt to impose socialism by other means, which is why they make so much noise about racism and latterly about gay marriage, as though the sky will fall if it is not legalised worldwide. Whatever his other faults, that is something the emphatically heterosexual Marx would not have endorsed.
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