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article imageReview: ‘Mad Dog — Gaddafi's Secret World’ Special

By Alexander Baron     Feb 6, 2014 in Politics
This documentary, which runs to nearly an hour and a half, makes a number of outrageous claims about the late Libyan leader. It remains to be seen how many of them are true.
Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was always a larger than life figure, and it is fair to say a highly controversial one. The BBC have obviously put enormous resources into Mad Dog: Gaddafi's Secret World, and just as obviously, not every contributor to a project of this nature would want to contribute openly.
For those and other reasons, we must assess it very carefully. What for example are we to make of the claim that in later life, Gaddafi became a child rapist? They interview a female schoolteacher who in translation says: "I wish Gadaffi's daughter was here so we could torture her the same way as Gaddafi tortured girls. That was a wish of my life, not to see her raped but to sit her down and show her what her father has done and let her conscience kill her".
That is a very unedifying response from a supposedly educated woman. Are girls truly to be punished for the sins of their fathers, including this one?
Immediately after this claim we are told that Gaddafi didn't stop at young girls, so now he is not simply a paedophile and sexual sadist but Tripoli's answer to John Wayne Gacy.
So what are we to make of it all? Those who knew Gaddafi, really knew him, say that he was really a good guy, but that as the years passed he became corrupted and even mad. He was in short the living proof of that famous dictum about power tending to corrupt, and absolute power corrupting absolutely.
There is no doubt that in the early days he really did want to change the world for the better, unfortunately, for a man who rose to the top of the heap so young, he was incredibly gullible. For one thing he regarded the IRA as genuine freedom fighters - a view shared by at least one contributor to this film. He doled out money from Libya's staggering oil wealth left, right and centre, something that is well known. Not mentioned in this programme is that one person who tried to tap that was Nick Griffin - that was before his revealed truth about Islam being the root of all evil; he returned to the UK with a pile of Gaddafi's Green Books, a work that one of Gaddafi's former servants pooh-poohs in this programme.
The Green Book can be found on-line in English translation, so the reader can judge that for himself. Gaddafi also did a lot for his people, let there be no doubt about that. Yet it was the same people who in the end murdered him and defiled his corpse.
If Gaddafi is shown in a bad light here, Western leaders come out little better. In spite of the ongoing controversy over the Lockerbie bombing, there is really no doubt that Libyan Intelligence was behind it, and the order for an atrocity of that magnitude could not have come from anyone but the man at the very top.
In spite of this, our leaders including Tony Blair (who has even more blood on his hands) were prepared to deal with Gaddafi, so it is hardly surprising that even today there are those who admire him, including and especially in Black Africa. There is little doubt either that Gaddafi did indeed see himself as the King of Africa, and commissioned a song to that effect from Zolani Mkiva. Apparently he was not paid.
Another contributor to this programme is CIA renegade Frank Terpil who told Gaddafi's ally Idi Amin that he should not murder so many of his opponents and leave their bodies strewn around the golf course because "it was not good for tourism". Amin agreed, although he went on to perpetrate a virtual genocide. Gaddafi never got that far, although he well might have in time. As things stand though, that dubious privilege will be left to his successors with or without the connivance of the successors of Tony Blair and his filthy cabal. Plus ça change.
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