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article imageRepublicans offer bill to end border crisis; Dems stall

By Larry Clifton     Jul 23, 2014 in Politics
Washington - Republicans, tired of waiting for the administration to act on the border crisis, are calling for the deployment of National Guard troops to secure the border as well as an expedition of deportations.
"Our focus has been to ensure the safety of the children and it has remained a top priority throughout this process. In our personal meetings with the Presidents of Honduras and Guatemala they both stated that they wanted their children back, and we believe that is in the best interest of all the countries involved in this crisis," said Rep. Kay Granger, R-Texas, who headed the working group and briefed her fellow Republicans Wednesday morning.
President Obama, who is yet to visit the border crisis, has done little to quell criticism of his administration’s indifference to urgency. Even house Democrats have joined Republicans in denouncing the White House for a lack of action during the crisis.
For his part, Pres. Obama has requested billions of dollars to spend on the border situation, largely focusing on hiring immigration lawyers and judges and building facilities to house undocumented children who have crossed the border by tens of thousands.
Republicans, on the other hand, see the problem as being more immediate and have urged Pres. Obama to secure the border and return the unaccompanied children to their home countries. The president has little sway with Congress since he has vowed to ignore representatives over immigration policies and govern by Executive Order.
Critics say that recent Obama policies created a crisis by lending the impression to potential immigrants that they would be accepted at the border. In reality, Obama’s policy change only effects illegal immigrants who have been in country for the better part of a decade. However, people in South American nations took it as a green light for immigration to the U.S.
The recommendations by Republicans join several smaller bills proposed by members of a congressional group. In addition to deploying National Guard troops - a move House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, has called for in recent weeks - the group recommends sending additional immigration judges to expedite hearings for asylum claims, cracking down on fraud in those claims, deploying "aggressive messaging campaigns" in the countries the children are leaving to warn them against the dangers of coming to the U.S. illegally, and increasing penalties on human smuggling organizations.
Other recommendations deal with increasing security at the U.S.-Mexico border and speeding up the repatriation of those who are deported.
However, with Democrats controlling the Senate and Mr. Obama set to veto any Republican legislation, gridlock is almost guaranteed. Only the president has the authority to move troops to secure the border and expedite deportations. The border crisis has developed over a period of years and was reportedly ignored by the White House.
Democrats hoping to gain a voter monopoly from Latino immigration typically looked the other way as the crisis at the border intensified. However, as the crisis exploded in 2014, the immigration issue has become a thorn in the side of Democrats who hope to retain control of the U.S. Senate during after midterm elections.
Republicans have been calling for the administration to seal the border for years and have called for deportations of illegal immigrants convicted of crimes in the U.S.
With the Obama administration looking more like a lame-duck presidency, Democrats fear a prolonged border crisis will further damage their brand; however, with Sen. Harry Reid controlling Senate bills and the president ready with a veto pen, the border crisis is expected to get worse before it gets better.
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