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article imagePres. Obama's presidency a failure according to national poll

By Larry Clifton     Sep 9, 2014 in Politics
Washington - Pres. Barack Obama’s polarized presidency, now in its sixth year, is viewed as a failure by most Americans according to the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll. The survey shows Americans by a 52 to 42 percent margin see the administration as a failure
The news is not good for Democrats who are hoping to maintain control of the U.S. Senate after midterm elections. Most national polls show Republicans are favored to win the six Senate seats required to take control of the legislative body while remaining in control of the House of Representatives.
The ABC poll also shows an anemic 38 percent currently approve of Mr. Obama’s handling of international affairs, a drop of eight percentage points since July 2 and the lowest point previously ever measured by the poll.
The President has been heavily criticized for failing to acknowledge the Islamic State’s surge across the Syrian border into Iraq in time to stop it. Moreover, his recent admission that he had no strategy to deal with the Islamic State conflict was heavily criticized from both sides of the aisle. A record 56 percent in the survey disapprove of Obama’s handling of international affairs.
Earlier this year, before it spilled over the Syrian border into Iraq, Mr. Obama described the Islamic State as “junior varsity.”. The President pulled all U.S. combat troops out of Iraq in 2011 and declared an end to the Iraqi war. However, the Islamic State has recently executed thousands of Iraqis including religious minorities and Iraqi soldiers, and seized control of northern Iraq and its second-largest city, Mosul.
Recently, the president has described Islamic State fighters in far more ominous terms as he orders airstrikes and deploys hundreds of U.S. boots on the ground in Iraq to protect “American interests.” Obama has previously vowed there would be no American “boots on the ground” during the latest Iraqi conflict.
Since Islamic State assassins beheaded two American journalists, support for air strikes against ISIS in Iraq has jumped from 45 percent in June to 71 percent now. Support for arming their Kurdish opponents is up by 13 points, to 58 percent, in just the past month.
Only the election will reveal the damage Mr. Obama’s unpopularity does to his party, but most pundits agree he is not helping to Democrats. In the ABC survey, registered voters are more likely to say they'll be casting their midterm ballot to show opposition to Obama than support for him, by 27 percent vs. 19 percent.
After the recent explosion of undocumented minors that overwhelmed US immigration services at the Southern border, Americans disapprove by 46-50 percent of providing legal status for undocumented immigrants now living and working in the United States - a shift from 51-43 percent support last fall, according to the ABC poll.
Meanwhile, no incumbent Senate Republicans are behind in current national polls while a slew of Democrats defending Senate seats are running neck-to-neck with or behind their Republican opponents in battleground states.
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