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article imageAnother poll filled with bad news for Democrats

By Larry Clifton     Oct 28, 2014 in Politics
Washington - The U.S. electorate may have lost faith in the Democratic Party, most particularly in its leader, Pres. Barack H. Obama. A new national poll shows Democrats are in dire straights, and likely in for a drubbing in elections that are only a week away.
According to an ABC news/Washington Post poll, a whopping seven in 10 Americans rate the economy negatively while a meager 28 percent say it’s getting better.
The poll is the latest bad news for Democrats in a steady stream of polls that suggest Pres. Obama’s lack of leadership is contributing to waning support for Democrat candidates struggling to maintain control of the Senate and protect their seats in the House of Representatives. The poll shows 68 percent of Americans believe the country is decidedly on the wrong track. However, the bad news for Democrats does not stop there. The poll shows six out of 10 Americans express little or no trust in the federal government to do what’s right and 53 percent think the federal government’s ability to govern has decreased in the last three years. Adding to Democrats' predicament, Historically, midterm elections slam the party in power, which this time around are the Democrats who control the Senate and the White House.
The ABC poll not only shows a majority of Americans disapprove of the president’s job performance, it suggests Mr. Obama has a net 10-point negative score on his handling of the economy. Among likely voters, the President's disapproval stands at 56 percent, and three out of 10 say that they intend to show up at the polls just to express their opposition to him.
Adding to Democrat candidates’ political woes, The ABC poll shows a 50-44 percent Republican advantage among likely voters who prefer Republican House candidates. At the same time, Republicans have consistently suggested the party will gain a double-digit number of seats in the House. The new poll adds credibility to other recent polls that suggest many paths to victory for Republican Senate candidates and little wiggle room for Democrats hoping to maintain their grip on power.
The administration’s foreign policy, often described as being in disarray, does not help Democrats. Middle East turmoil including another Iraqi conflict involving the U.S. has become a volatile element in midterm elections. Meanwhile, relations with Israel, America’s only Middle East ally, soured as ISIS seized a large swath of northern Iraq, which led to the current U.S. air war that experts say will not be enough to stop the Islamic State.
With most polls showing Americans do not approve of Mr. Obama’s performance, the state of our economy or foreign affairs, Democrats have little to run on and have instead run from their Democratic Party President. From Colorado to Georgia, Democrats have shown the president during home state visits and many are running against him, attempting to assure voters they would not be a rubber stamp for the administration.
Midterm elections, usually a boon for the party out of power, are only a week away, giving Democrat Senate candidates little time to right their campaigns. Meanwhile, Republican candidates are expressing increasing confidence that they will gain the six seats necessary to take control of the U.S. Senate. Still, many of the Senate races are remain too close to call and the only poll that counts takes place on November 4.
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