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article imageOp-Ed: Women don’t want equality, they want rich husbands? Really?

By Nicole Weddington     May 7, 2014 in Politics
Last week Phyllis Schlafly made waves when she said that closing the pay gap would make it harder for women to find husbands because 'women preferred to find husbands who earned more than they did and men preferred to earn more than their wives.
Yes, it’s ridiculous, but it’s out there on the record and the talking heads are running with it. Bill O’Reilly dedicated a segment of his show to it (and another to “debunking the myth” that women earn only seventy seven cents for every dollar earned by men), the Huffington Post has covered it, and commentators on both sides of the debate are losing their minds.
The debate has gotten more heated since the White House announced its commitment to closing the pay gap and to helping to narrow or even close the gender gap itself. Since then, while the federal government voted down an amendment that would force employers to pay both genders equally, several states (like Michigan) have taken up the fight and introduced similar bills at a state level.
The added attention to the "gender war" has shone a spotlight on those women who are promoted to top ranking positions within their companies. Stormy Simon, for example, was just promoted to the President’s position at Mary Barra was named GM’s first female CEO. President Obama recently appointed Mary Schapiro to be the first female chair of the SEC.
But none of that matters. What matters is that Beyonce has agreed to go on tour with her husband Jay-Z…a tour named “Me and Mrs. Carter.”
Joking aside; for once, a pop culture reference actually has actual relevance. The tour announcement actually came out not long after Beyonce published her own op-ed essay on gender equality — an essay that declared gender equality a myth. Oh don’t worry; Beyonce doesn’t think the fight is a myth. She asserts that the idea of gender equality is a myth because there is no equality between the genders… and that for equality to happen, the men need to fight for it just as much as the ladies do.
This, some feel, is part of what is now starting to become not a fight over whether there is a war on women at all, but 'who' really has done the most to promote women in an age where kids are pressured into shopping for toys only in those aisles that match the color assigned to their gender. If Beyonce herself is going to insist that the responsibility for women’s equality is up to the men, maybe the Republicans are correct to insist that by screaming about the lack of a gap in the first place, they are the ones who are doing the most to empower women.
In a way, Beyonce is right. Men do need to take up the fight for equality between the genders — or, at the very least, they need to stop fighting back against women who insist that they should be treated equally. On the other hand, denying that things are better because they aren’t the best yet is naïve and unfitting of one of the world’s most interesting people. It especially feels hollow when it is followed up by a tour announcement in which Beyonce isn’t even referred to by name, but simply as the “Mrs," of the man on stage.
It makes you wonder what would happen if she suddenly decided to talk about the SNAP program, doesn’t it?
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