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Op-Ed: Will 2016 be 1940 Part II? GOP angry over executive orders

By Calvin Wolf     Jul 12, 2014 in Politics
President Barack Obama is challenging congressional Republicans to craft meaningful legislation rather than simply try to oppose him. Will 2016 be a redux of the 1940 presidential election?
In 1940 U.S. president Franklin D. Roosevelt was running for an unprecedented third term, prompting his Republican challengers to criticize him for overstepping boundaries. Though there were no term limits on presidents in 1940, FDR was violating the unspoken rule that no president serve more than two terms, which had been established by George Washington himself. FDR was also criticized for his continuance of big-government New Deal programs to the point of inefficiency. Beginning in his second term, with the Great Depression remaining stubbornly entrenched across the land, FDR had faced charges that he was more of a king or dictator than an elected president.
With the growing brouhaha in Washington over Republican congressmen wanting to sue Democratic president Barack Obama for alleged overuse of the executive order, the 2016 presidential election might end up looking similar to the election of 1940. Though Obama cannot run for a third term in 2016, both likely successors, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and current vice president Joe Biden, are staunch liberals similar to Obama himself. Republicans will undoubtedly attack them for their enthusiastic support of Obama policies.
Like FDR before him, Obama is not remaining quiet in the face of criticism. According to CBS News, Obama has challenged congressional Republicans to focus on crafting meaningful legislation rather than trying to sue him. Both FDR and Obama have found their liberal policies resisted or stymied by congressional conservatives and a conservative-leaning Supreme Court.
Also similar to 1940 is a tumultuous foreign policy situation. In 1940 Germany and Japan were on the rampage, with the U.S. officially neutral but trying to decide whether or not to wade into battle. Currently, Iraq, Syria, and Israel are in crisis, with pundits also worried about the fate of Afghanistan after U.S. troops depart at the end of this year. Simultaneously, China's growing military looms large in the background and Iran grows ever closer to developing The Bomb. Oh, and there's always North Korea...
As in 1940, in 2016 voters may have to choose between continuing liberalism or turning to conservatism, as well as whether or not to support an interventionist or isolationist candidate. Should we continue big-government liberal programs like Obamacare and Common Core, or switch to supporting the free market and local choices? Should we stay out of the Middle East and avoid crossing swords with the People's Liberation Army, or should we try to fix international crises before they cause global trauma?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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